4 Plant-Based Meals for Kid's LUNCHBOXES! | Bunches of Lunches

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I’ve gotten so many requests for plant based lunch ideas over the past few weeks. In today’s video i’m sharing 4 plant based lunch ideas that are super easy and delicious, especially if you are just starting to eat more plant based meals. All the these lunches are dairy free and meat free and some are also nut and gluten free.

Peanut Butter Protein Balls – https://thefamilyfudge.com/2020/01/29/peanut-butter-protein-balls/

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So Cedar says:

Yeah honey isn't vegan but I will definitely be trying these recipes

It’s Emily! says:

I like how ur lunches arent over prepared complicated lunches but you still make them yummy and rly cute!

Laura Cooper Harrelson says:

I’m vegan and I loveeee your C
Chanel and I would love to see more of these

Dress says:

I thought it was pink because my favorite color is pink

My marvellous menagerie says:

I can't believe I've never watched this before thanks for recommending

beautiful dreamz says:

@thefamilyfudge can you do a vegan version of this please

Racheil Drake says:

For a plant-based “vegan” protein ball choose something different than honey

Raven__Azarath says:

Where did you buy the vegan cheese?

Hannah Doherty says:

If you are super vegan than instaid I’d plan spaghetti use cucumber or squash spaghetti

Amanda Parshall says:

for the protein ball my little sister dosn't like honey so could you Tate the honey when you make it or no if so what else could I use

Harmony Boehnlein says:

Vegan lunch

AgentMango Tango says:

Ooh~ what about an aesthetic lunch?? Like: an ham and cheese sandwich cut into stars and hearts, fruit: chocolate covered strawberries, veggie: cucumbers and carrots,snack: smore's & drink: some juice {your kids like } ❤ love your vids ❤❤❤

Edward Broughton says:

does any one like mashpotatoes yes or no

Edward Broughton says:

U should make mashpotatoes and fridechikin ranch and greenness and corn sparkling water and a little make shaper as a hart

Txlipz says:

Hi family fudge I’m from Florida to put not Orlando I’m in fifth grade and I’m going to a field trip in animal kingdom in may 13 😊can I have a shoutout

The Naya Show says:

First one watching your videos every time

Danielle Bates says:

Love your videos and can you do a vegan only video please.

Rubina Latif says:

Make sushi my name is ayra

The Wild Bunch says:

The rainbow wrap is giving me cravings.

Neelam Jain says:

This is amazing! I’m a vegetarian please make more videos like these it’ll help me plan for my children

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