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The cold weather has us seeking out some comfort food recipes and this delicious vegan pot pie is one of those recipes. Its a great centre piece or like us you can split it into individual pies. Perfect for lunch and for storing or meal prepping. With thanksgiving coming up we also thought it’d be a great dinner idea for the Americans in our community.

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All the best,
Dave & Steve.

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saving1catatatime says:

No bottom crust? What

Rabia Sheikh says:

OMGGGG WHY HAVEN'T I EVER SEEN THIS! i cant wait to try this for christmas !!

CMaPD says:

Looks so good!

Irene McDonald says:

I made this about a year ago and loved it! I made it for friends and now the same company told their friends, the result is I get asked to make it continually. I use oyster and criminy mushrooms as it's usually for company, I have never had any leftovers. The odd time when I made too much for the number of people I had over, it was taken home. It is a lovely recipe. The next on the list is the broccoli pot pie. Thank you so much for sharing.

Naturally With Karen says:

Banging! Love it!

Chloe Bream says:

Love this guys. Wish I could come cook with you both! πŸ’š

vegan cherry says:

I like it w lots of gravy. That maybe too dry, no?

Dunia Bhy says:

I wanna see you guys cook with Avant Garde 😍😍


So both hot and cold thicken? I don't know why I find that funny I know it's true.

Stephanie Theron says:

This is one of the best recipes you've ever shared; our carnivorous friends love it too! I'm making it again during our quarantine-the ultimate comfort food.

Lee Johnson says:

19 downvotes = people who can’t cook

retropian says:

I’m going to try this for sure . You guys have great recipes, but I question if the store bought puff pastry you topped the pies with is vegan. Usually butter is a major ingredient after flour. Do you guys have a vegan puff pastry recipe?

Arjun Dev says:

wow! a nice vegan cooking channel πŸ™‚

Rose Viola says:

This looks fantastic but as a Happy Hearter, is there any way to make it with less oil and salt? Also, would short crust pastry work on top? Thank you πŸ₯°

Kris Rudecki says:

Your channel is pure gold. So glad I found it πŸ™‚ πŸ™Œ

Higher Conscious Counseling says:

Happy Pears, please give the American equivalent measurements.
Love your recipes, As a doctor let me just remind you not to use so much salt, It’s harmful to your prostate.. love you guys.

Boogie Hill says:

The couscous is really unnessary and unorthodox…I was shocked.

Melinda Kay says:

The only thing I'd watch out for in the future is coughing over the food while cooking. Maybe just turn your head away from the food next time?

Margarita Peete says:

Oooh boi!!! quinoa or jasmine rice seem like they would work as well.

*note to self: save video for letter

nigey b says:

I've got all your books – is this in one of them? I couldn't find it. Otherwise I'll rewatch and write it all down. Keep up the great work. You're an inspiration

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