High Society Cucumber Sandwiches – the Dos and Don’ts | Ready in 5 minutes!

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The ultimate guide to cucumber sandwiches. Know the traps to avoids and the tricks to making the best cucumber sandwiches available in polite society.

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Ali Baba says:

Bravo. I'm heading to my kitchen for one now. Probably 2😄

Erin isawesome says:

I don't know why this is so delicious but somehow it really truly is!

solitary.witch 007 says:

So…unsalted butter, right?

Professor Pickle says:

Yes, this is an exquisite sandwich, there are a few differences from the correct way, but most elegant.

T Byas says:

Low society because of the crust!

T Byas says:

You did not remove the crust!!!!!!

Shariqson In Da House says:

Why would you take the skin of cucumbers? tbh even my dad does the same thing but i really hate it… the skin is the best part, the thicker the skin, the better it tastes..

Shiinii says:

I love you 😀 No bread waste and triangles <3

Do It Diaries says:

Easy to remember. Thank you ❤️

m b says:

High society? Really? People actually talk like that ?

D. Romero says:

Best recipe seen gonna try

Jenkas Monkey says:

I like this twist on a cucumber sandwich. Personally, I feel that an American audience would be rather unenthusiastic with the traditional; Bread, butter, cucumber, salt recipe.

Pranu Tyagi says:

Thanks man, just tried it! Tasted amazing. 🙂

Vonnie Becenti says:

i am going to make these for tomorrow afternoon tea, , .. and my manservant is on vacation, so I have to make it myself, and my last manservant ran away with my silver plate also.

leporidae says:

ive always wondered wtf a cucumber sandwich was and boy howdy this looks like the most confusing tasting thing in the world i cant even imagine what it would be like and i really dont want to know

Garbage says:

Last time I see cucumber sandwich, I see no top bread, no cheese and it has salt

kulnitsky says:

Hurry The Heir

sants p says:

I need those sandwiches! 😋 yummm! I completely agree whole heartedly that sandwiches taste better cut into triangles! Why is that? It's a mystery to me.

subjectivistJ says:

This video is awful…. I don't get if the whole "manservant" thing is an inside joke or something, and this recipe needs to be presented as a twist or take on the typical recipe, as there are many differences from the plethora of other articles and videos available for this snack.
On a side note, the presenter lacks any emotion; he seems to have a "meh" kind of attitude throughout the entire video.
I'm ending this feeling actually kind of turned off to these finger sandwiches now.
Thanks a lot.

Christine Rose says:

So much better than peanut and jelly but no dill yuk

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