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Snack #1 – 2:13 – Edamame Beans
Snack #2 – 4:12 – Chickpea Cookies (
Snack #3 – 5:25 – Tik Tok Wrap
Snack #4 – 7:29 – Baked Bean Tacos
Snack #5 – 8:33 – 3 Ingredient Cookies
Snack #6 – 12:20 – 4 Ingredient Nacho Chips
Snack #7 – 15:50 – Buffalo Soy Curls
Snack #8 – 19:03 – Chickpea Avocado Mash on Rice Cake
Snack #9 – 20:55 – Eggy Tofu Bites
Snack #10 – 25:02 – Lentil Tacos

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Cheap Lazy Vegan says:

There are time stamps in the description box if you want to skip from snack to snack! 😜

hari krishnan says:

Where is the seasoning on that tortilla wrap?

Luna Glez says:

"A BANANA" -Rose πŸŒπŸ˜ƒ
I'm back here cause I'm hungry and I need inspo.

Anastasia75 says:

That was so great. Already tried 3 recipes.

HeartSun Yoga says:

Yum! I love edamame beans, I like to add some vegan butter and lemon juice as well as salt. Such a great snack and some say it's also good for balancing hormones in perimenopausal women like myself! πŸ’– This format is awesome, but seems like more work for you… since you asked for our input, how about stick with cooking-show-style format but only present 5 recipe ideas per vid instead of 10?

Shana Preston says:

Ngl I had frozen edamame before watching this lol snacking in style

Chloe Joseph says:

Wow I never knew u could eat beans cold ???

BankrollEli !! says:

HIGHLY recommend avoiding Quaker brand. All of their products test very high in the Pesticide Glyphosate, AKA Round Up, which is a known carcinogen. Look for quality organic oats instead. I use Whole foods brand

Athena Windyy says:

So uh… Tortilla chips?

Heaven Valencia says:

"Even if you're a level 5,00 vegan…" LOL!

Brittney says:

I think you just got a new subscriber. 🀣 I never subscribed before because you use quite a bit of soy. In reality I should just stop being lazy and use substitutes and make chickpea tofu. You have great ideas.

Nwachukwu Cliffordmartins says:

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madisonlouise17 says:

I love the cooking show type videos β€οΈπŸ˜‚ and I can’t wait to try the soy curls

Nope, can't says:

Just curious… I love that all of these are cheap and simple, but I'm wondering if you stick to a weekly grocery budget or if your grocery bill varies week to week?

neva30 says:

You are hilarious. Who knew vegan snack video would be so funny. I am watching myself. My daughters vegan and we will all enjoy these today. Easy ingredients no fuss. πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½

Sandy Duncan says:

Awesome ideas, Rose. I will definitely make some of these.
The video style is great too. Much more engaging to have the whole interaction, rather than just a voiceover.
Thanks so much for sharing your recipes.
I'm definitely a lazy vegan most days, only cook 'properly' on my days off. The stove is a bit neglected, but I'm happy and healthy!

Smlindas1 says:

Whoop! You’re a legend!! Thanks so much! Xx

54321Adela says:

Nutritional yeast is so magical, I love the flavour and I was literally stunned by how full of protein and minerals/vitamins it is, I was like did I put in the whole package? Nah, just a serving in cronometer

Emma Watson says:

This video is so chaotic and I love that πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­

Emily Lynn says:

Okay I feel way better about eating nasty veggies. My squash gets pretty soft but I eat it cause I don’t wanna waste lol

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