HUUUGE Indian Street Food ADVENTURE in Jaipur, India | BEST VEGETARIAN Street Food in India -SPICY!

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India is FULL of SPICY and Delicious Street Food! We went for a HUGE Street Food Adventure in Jaipur, India! Check out for 3 months free w/ 1 year pack and 49% OFF! If you love spicy and delicious Indian food, get ready, cause we’re going for a FULL-ON Indian street food ADVENTURE!!!

I, Trevor James, The Food Ranger, am joining up with my good friend Anubhav Sapra for a HUGE Indian street food tour from DelhiFoodWalks.
► Visit for a FULL-ON Vegetarian Indian Street Food tour and join us in this Indian street food vlog a ton of delicious food in Jaipur, India!!

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If you’re traveling to eat spicy street food in India, you must visit Jaipur! AND, if you love PURE Vegetarian Indian food, you’re going to love the video, cause this video is ALL VEGETARIAN!!! I get a lot of requests to do a vegetarian food tour, so I went through with it and did it!!! I do love my meat and my non-veg Indian street food, but for once I wanted to try a vegetarian indian food tour!!

Here are the addresses for these AMAZING Indian Street Foods in Jaipur, India:

1) Delicious and refreshing buttermilk, found from an old man walking around the old town of Jaipur, India

2)The BEST MASSIVE Omelette Sandwich in Jaipur made with Superhuman skill – Sanjay Restaurant – Egg Dee at B 18 & 19, Janta Store, Bapu Nagar, Jaipur, India

3) AMAZING Indian Chai stall in the Pink City of Old Jaipur – Sahu Ki Chai – 365, Opposite Sai Baba Temple, Chaura Rasta, Pink City, Jaipur, India

4) Amazing Grilled BBQ Paneer – Radhey Shyam Bhatia Paneer Waley – 70, Near Hanuman Dhaba, Raja Park, Jaipur, India

5) Amazing Pickle Stall in Jaipur old Pink City –

6) Spicy and delicious Bheja Roti with Aloo Sabzi –

7) Deliciouw Rajasthani Thali set – Found at Chokhi Dhani Village in Jaipur, India

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Thanks so much for watching all my street food videos around the world! I hope you enjoy them and how TASTY they are!!!
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B KAL says:

Jaipur > delhi

Maxim G says:

At 16:49 need some edit. Says Bheja Roti. Bheja means brain. What it really is Bhajra Roti which is bread made of millet flour.

Learn Hindi in Arabic تعلم هندي بالعربي says:

عمل جميل مشكور و أتمنى أن تقوم بمتابعتي و واصل بالتوفيق….

hassina Khatune says:

0:04 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Kushal Agarwal says:

Welcome to Rajasthan- Padharo Mahre Desh.

minnie holland says:

The milky format additionaly rejoice because peony resultspreviously pop outside a utter jasmine. spotless, learned pvc

E. L. says:

I am so freaking hungry.

drtn says:

– this is a street light
– (Trevor) ahhh street light, Indian Rajasthani street light!!!

Artur Lange says:

All this looks like an delightful, tasty atherosclerosis

Aryan Jaan says:

Afghani 🥰 🇮🇳💙🇦🇫


look at this guy.. hey says that omelet is veg..

aadi343 says:

Anyone: This is water..
Food Ranger: Ohhhh! Yeahhh! Check it out!

GS says:

hes saying mayonaise as cheese

Rana Azad says:

Hope you didn't sleep in the toilet that night.

A.D ETC says:

I just love your all videos.😚😚😚

no political says:

Why are you rating Milk🤨

Tushaar Gautam says:

वाह सर जी, मान गए आपकी पसंद और तलाश को

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