4 Levels of Veggie Burgers: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious

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Presented by Lightlife™ | We challenged chefs of three different skill levels – amateur Stephen, home cook Gabrielle, and professional chef and cookbook author Louisa Shafia – to make us their best veggie burger. Once each of them had completed their meatless masterpiece, we asked food scientist Rose to explain the choices they made along the way – both good and bad. Which of these veggie burgers would you choose as a healthful alternative?

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Keep up with Louisa at @feastbylouisa and at http://louisashafia.com/

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4 Levels of Veggie Burgers: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious


Chris says:

I don't like the Vegi/vegan agenda! Basically I don't like being told by the world elites! World economic forum! But the beet burger looks lush!! I will be trying it!

Luis Galindo says:

Stephen and Gabby are the GOAT level one and two…..

Kamand Shafieha says:

omfg level 3 louisa is my cousin HIIIIII

Lexi Walicke says:

Literally nothing about those beet burgers are burgers. Steven is the only chef here that understands

Harrotz says:

Where's my 4th level burger?

kendall cuddles says:

This is the first time I've ever heard the professional call him or herself "a level three chef". It's always "I've been a chef for a million years at a place you'll never be able to afford to visit".

They really need to mandate this as the identification, since it fits with the others.

ravikanti vikram says:

If you wanna eat something that tastes like meat…just eat meat…😂

Dalyssa Campbell says:

Heh, "mostly vegetarian."

Blaine Elderbroom says:

does that third chef have a devil fruit on her apron xD

tasha brinkworth says:

Omg he just happy to he sat there mixing his first ingredient for half an hour with no other ingredients hahahahaha

Gooacc says:

Does the level 3 have a One Piece devil fruit on her apron

Ash Agrawal says:

Kalunji is in fact onion seed!

Beth Syer says:

Level 1 and 2 burgers look so good but that level 3 “burger” looks 🤮

Fullmetal Alchemist says:

Nobody does burgers with yoghurt in middle east

Heather Bailie says:

I never expect a veggie burger to taste like meat, but I've also never met a veggie burger that I liked.

Walter's Playground says:

The best hamburger I ever had in my life was not a hamburger

DarkMaster says:

Level 1: is a level 2 veggie burger
Level 2: is a level 3 veggie burger
Level 3: is a exotic level 3 veggie burger

BillehTheKid _ says:

Nope nope nope nope nope

Gustav Brillowski says:

I love the first guy!!!!

Bear-y Cute says:

13:46 did gabrielle j say "generous wap" 😭💀

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