Ethiopian Spicy Lentils – Misir Wot – Ethiopian Vegan – Lentil Stew – Ethiopian Recipes

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#howtocook #ethiopianfood #ethiopianrecipes Spicy Lentils – Misir Wot – Ethiopian
#howtocook #ethiopianfood #ethiopianrecipes vegan
#howtocook #vegan #vegetarianrecipes – Lentil Stew – Ethiopian
#howtocook #ethiopianfood #ethiopianrecipes Recipes
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I just made it, and it was BOMB!!! Thanks for the inspiration!!!

blue pikachu says:

The only question I have is, what amount of each ingredients did you use?

Miss Dolo says:

It looks sooo good😊

7 11 says:

“bUrRbErrY powder”😂😂😂❤️❤️❤️

clothestravel says:

Can you substitute Garam masala for the mekelesha?

kitty kat says:

Is there a written recipe 🙁

kitty kat says:

He doesn't say how much he uses

Ashwini Kulkarni says:

Whats a burbery powder? Whats the equivalent of that

Eo Segal says:

Brilliant. I've wanted to know how to make this for years.

VegaN CalleD QuesT says:

definitely trying this. thanks bro

iindigo china says:

I LOVE your voice! Are you from East London by any chance? Also, love the recipe. Thank you 🙂

Ayantu Kumburo says:

But this video is not originally yours. So why steal someone’s video and not give the person the credit for it?

JoMoe G. says:

Loooove Ethiopian food, alot of great vegan dishes

Finally says:

Wow lighting speed making lentils perfect instructions good job SIR. 😀

Gigi says:

Thank you so much! This has always been one of my favorite dishes. I’m so happy I can now prepare it myself!

earlbee31 says:

I was brought up vegetarian my sister is now vegan

I've gone to the dark side , I eat meat,

Hiamanot Zewedu says:

Luke's so delicious ❤️️

JayT LaMunch says:

Wow this looks so delicious Thank you, for sharing :-))

Ness D.B says:

what if we don't have or can't find that Burberry ethiopian powder because I live in Eastern European country? then what?

cristino hipe says:


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