Ottolenghi and Loyle Carner cook delicious vegetarian dishes | British GQ

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Loyle Carner wrote his song ‘Ottolenghi’ about his love for the Israeli chef. British GQ brought the two together to cook three vegetarian dishes:
1. Burrata with chargrilled grapes and basil
2. Roasted baby carrots with harissa
3. Pomegranate and brussel sprouts with burnt butter and black garlic

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Ottolenghi and Loyle Carner cook delicious vegetarian dishes


The love Below says:

enjoyed this! authentic connections over good food. content i like to see 🙂

TheFrigid says:

30 seconds in and I’m already smiling

Estella Vukaj says:

Ottolenghi is babydaddy BUT loyle carner is love of mi lifeeeee

jamil habib says:

How can u not smile throughout this whole vid 🙂

Graffitionthewall says:

if you didn't know, look up ottotlenghi by loyle carner

Randy Leifer says:

Gaydar is high. But makes no difference. Wee chef.

MisterMagister says:

Ottolenghi is giving of some real Jeff Goldblum vibes and I‘m all for it.

demandcollect says:

Can you two stop flirting?

H. H. says:

they are flirting

nah ross says:

boring af, thought they were gna kiss

Ray Arthey says:

Bromance at it’s best… he’s definitely in love with Yotam… and how wouldn’t you love this man… his food and charisma is so good… his books are a must have, Jerusalem is such a jewel!!

Maryam Vaezjavadi says:

I am feeling extremely uncomfortable watching these two😐😐

Naama Krispil says:

Ok is it just me or are you guys dating?

colleen jardim says:

try roasted brussel sprout chips… each leaf in whatever flavor you love… then roast

Mary Cooks Memorable Dishes says:

I haven't so much flirting between two individuals in such a while…lol! Beautiful recipes. Yum!

ally says:

Are they a couple?

grn godss says:

Cringy Chemistry

Anna says:

What a delicious example of men being non-toxic. So wholesome!

Jessica T says:

"You can wipe them on my jumper if you want" 😭🥰

Ollie Jones says:

Sacha Baron Cohen's new character is super wholesome <3

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