The Ultimate Guide To Risotto | Gordon Ramsay

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Gordon shows off how to shop for Risotto and a delicious recipe.

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Gordon Ramsay’s Ultimate Fit Food/Healthy, Lean and Fit –

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lora townsend says:

Was I the only one watching feeling anxious that she’s wearing a nice white jumper and there’s red wine AND beetroot about?!! 😂 The two of them seem to have a lovely relationship though 😊

Safina Qureshi says:

Even though this looks tasty my Asian mom will never this version of rice 😂

Gunnar Higgins says:

Never eating anything that isn't amazing.

Omar Ricardo SB says:

Red??? Whats!!!!!?? :/

marines485 says:

It looks like rawr meat

Nick Sewell says:

The food wishes one is better.

Bodea Alex says:

Just like with the bolognese sauce, the wine must evaporate before moving on to the next step, otherwise we'll end up cooking Christmas wine.

Manuel Zuluaga says:

Its the first time i see a rissotto made with red wine

Jorgen Pakieto says:

Man watching ten seasons of Hell's Kitchen really got me hyped on cooking risotto.

Alfred antonio Halleland says:

it gets its purple color only of red wine?, no puree?

Gurl ゴゴOTTER says:

That looks like it has a lot of iron in it.

Hunter Winters says:

Trying to cook risotto for the first time tonight. I'm so glad I don't have Gordon by my side berating and insulting my mother along the way.

Here We Go! says:

Brotha put half a bottle of wine in it

Timothy L says:

Not gonna lie, that is one of the few dishes from Gordon that doesn't look appetizing… Looks like a desert lmao

my penis has feelings says:

Risotto definition:
A richman's porriage and the white man's arrogant way of saying "we cant cook rice like asians cook theirs so heres the best we can do then charge people really high to make it look like its special"


Carol Long says:

First time I made mushroom risotto… glossy it was but never made it out of the saucepan onto a serving dish. All for me, me, me! Delicious! Loved the Dad, daughter video! Priceless! Precious memories! X <3

paola galante says:

Che schifezza!

Chris Faller says:

The music at the beginning either is or sounds exactly like the music in one of the clothing shops in saints row 4

Siddharth Sen says:

Looks extremely unappetizing

Marcus Monnier says:

Vegetarian rissoto?? I literally JUST listened to him talk down on a rissoto just because it was vegetarian lmao

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