Vegetarian Borscht Recipe | Russian Beetroot Soup

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A vegetarian recipe for the most famous Russian soup: borscht. This vegetarian borscht is prepared following a traditional family recipe, and it’s flavoured extra with some spices and herbs. Traditionally, borscht is made with meat (bone broth) and is served with sour cream. Surprisingly, the vegetarian version of it is as delicious! In Russia this beetroot soup is also served with sourcream. If you want to make it a little sour, but don’t feel like adding dairy – just mix in a bit of high qualiy vinegar or freshly squeezed lemon juice.


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roopesh raj says:

Can you share the meat version as well

Pradyot Kulshrestha says:

Privet 🙂
Never knew russian cusine used corainder powder 🙂. Will be trying this recipe .

tanya kumar says:

Thank you for the lovely recipe

Kelvin's Kitchen says:

Amazing Russian Beetroot Soup. Looks delicious dear

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