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Zucchini lasagna is a fresh take on a classic comfort food dish. It’s loaded with veggies, but still has the rich flavors and scrumptious texture of a traditional lasagna. Top it off with some grated parmesan cheese and basil leaves, and you’ll have the perfect weeknight meal for the whole family.

Zucchini lasagna is tasty gluten-free, low carb and keto recipe. It’s packed with vegetables, but it’s still got that hearty, cheesy lasagna flavor. Albeit a little lighter and healthier (which is a definite win).

In the video I show a couple ways to cut zucchini into lasagna noodles as well how to get the water out of zucchini lasagna. Don’t want a watery zucchini lasagna? I’ve got you covered! But make sure to check out more tips on the full blog post recipe below. Enjoy!

Zucchini Lasagna Recipe: https://downshiftology.com/recipes/zucchini-lasagna/

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Downshiftology says:

You guys are gonna LOVE this recipe! I've been eating leftovers all week and I still can't get enough of it. Don't forget to tag me on Instagram when you make it – I'd love to see. Enjoy! xo – Lisa

Ooo says:

Great recipe! My family loves it!

Frank Gutierrez says:

Thanks for making this great video recipe. I just made the lasagna and can't wait to try it. Cheers!

Monika O says:

Red sauce is not home made???

Ninah Gilbert says:

Imma pretend like you seasoned that meat first. Looks great though!

Hoor45 says:


richard thomas says:

This recipe looks great cant wait to make it!

Celestia TheLast says:

she looks like a Zucchini

Carrie Bear says:

This Taste Good I Tried This A Time Or Two.

Lisa Bradd says:

Yes, you are very thorough and clean provides every bit of information in reference to each and every recipe, pre-preparation keep up the great work thank you so much for sharing.

Patricia Fierro says:

Greatings from Spain! I love your recipes!

Patricia Fierro says:

Thank you for the recipi. I've made it for my family and they have really liked it!

Archzine DE says:

Sieht so appetitlich aus! πŸ˜‹

Azmat Ahmad says:

I tried it’s come out very nice and yummy I like it

Azmat Ahmad says:

Very nice πŸ‘ and very yummy πŸ˜‹

Thelma Romero says:

now i understand why more than 500 dislikes…she thinks we r all retarded or what

Lilly Collins says:

Can u show how you make your tomato sauce

G L says:

YOUR RECIPES ARE GREAT! THANK YOU! and so much easier to look at your hands when your touching the food… I just think short fingernails is better for anyone who touches the food.

SuperSaltydog77 says:

I grow zucchini in my garden every year, mainly to put into my pasta sauce and eaten raw with balsamic vinegrette. Being of an Italian born mother lasagna runs through my veins. This year's zucchinis will go into a lasagna also. Thanks for the idea.

Alice Gross says:

Great tools

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