CABBAGE SOUP | super easy, vegetarian soup for a healthy diet

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Cabbage soup is about as healthy as they come! All you need to do is simmer a bunch of sliced cabbage with mirepoix vegetables, diced tomatoes, vegetable broth, and herbs for an easy and delicious, low calorie meal.

Because cabbage is low in calories, the “cabbage soup diet” has been known to help shed a few pounds. But you know I’m not a fan of detox diets and quick fixes. Your body still needs more nutrients from other foods. So just enjoy this soup for the vegetarian goodness that it offers.

Want to make this cabbage soup recipe a complete meal and “beef it up”? Check out all the ideas I have on the blog post below!

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00:00 Intro
00:30 Chop mirepoix vegetables
01:55 Slice cabbage
03:14 Chop parsley
03:32 Add the ingredients to a pot on the stove and simmer
05:31 Serve it up
05:59 Taste test

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Mardwella Aaron says:


Nick Kakid says:

Update: I was wearing tight jeans and my shoes blew off. Huh? Where am I?

Healthy and Delicious صحى ولذيذ says:

Wow Delicious recipe

uvmeuvubuself says:

buy a deesser

Bella Donnelly says:

I love cabbage and even more now to make cabbage soup

Hang out with saliha says:

Lisa , I never get tired of watching you.
Love you to the moon and back.

rosalbaramminger141 says:

The unwritten sofa exclusively mate because tyvek sadly gaze through a highfalutin seat. deep, previous hyacinth

Annabella G. says:

So good. I made it! 🤤

sixty0414 says:

Looks like I'm going back to the grocery store tomorrow! This looks amazing. My parents did the cabbage soup diet when I was little and I HATED the smell. 😂 Now, I love veggies. Give me all the veggies! I'm going to add garbanzo beans and chicken bone broth as well. Thank you!

Connie Sheriffe says:

Why add lemon to the cabbage soup?? It looks real tasty

zeey_228 says:

You are so special

shelly ross says:

Is there a bean I can add for protein? What bean taste good with cabbage?

SamZ SaM says:

LOVE this channel! Thank you

AP S says:

Made it, love it! Used fire roasted tomatoes. Tastes even better the next day! ♥️

I like it the way it is but my husband didn't care for it the first day, although he's eaten it 3 days in a row. 😂

Gonna play around with this one, using different broths, adding meats – pulled pork, ground beef/pork/chicken, adding veggies – broccoli, cauliflower, bell peppers, etc. Thanks for a great recipe Lisa! 😊👍

Omnio says:

Did anyone else see this and think of the Peel-a-pound soup YT comment section?
I’ll be back to read the reviews lol

Selamawit Kidane says:

Well come back,and thanks a lot

Dana B says:

Do you think this would freeze well without ruining cabbage? I do you like to slightly undercooked my cabbage. I like a bit of crunch. But this looks delicious

Joanna Whittle says:

This was sooo good!

Мила Јовановић says:

Is it possible to make this soup without oils and/or butters?

irene jenna says:

You're my new favorite channel on Youtube.

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