Magnum Double Caramel – English

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Discover Magnum Double Caramel – For Pleasure Seekers


Antony Morgan says:

Audrey favardin

Birgül Demir says:

Klasky csupo logo fan club effects alooolulyz75

TJP says:

Tastes better than it looks

its shayy says:

where u can get them in the usa

Steisy 's says:

ben seviyurum Magnum Double Caramel

O_O says:

Who's she in red dress?

Doom xanders says:

I like this commercial maybe because it reminds me of a couple of girlfriends

Cristina Navarro says:

which is the name of the girl on the commercial?

Bruh says:

Who's the girl that's taking the bite?

joshmdmd says:

This advert would've been 20x more successful if they didn't bite through the bar.

DrawAChicken says:

What is that sound?
The breaking back of a cat?

anastasia Birago says:

what 's the song for this?

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