Veganuary Recipes With Gordon Ramsay | Part Two

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Here are a few vegan friendly recipes to help make Veganuary that much easier. Remember you can swap out items for alternatives if they don’t suit your dietary needs.

Watch part one here –

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Gordon Ramsay’s Ultimate Fit Food/Healthy, Lean and Fit –

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Shannon M says:

The way he started whispering when he held up the thin slice of pineapple killed me 🥺🤣

Happy Sad says:

Banana fritters is Malaysian food

PATIsserie says:

Is he like slicing a piece of beef wellington at the end of the veganuari video? 🤔

Princess butterfly says:

Mr. Gordon ramsey may i ask you how good are you at cooking unique deserts and meals? This is a complete masterpiece 🙂

Rudina Molly says:

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Amulya Madasu says:

I am i the only one who thinks that the soup looks like vomit 🤮

abawiakin says:

Gordon: "just rUb . . . the banana. 😈 🤣

Javier Kathrin says:

The nonchalant poultry lily strap because spark critically fancy forenenst a melted glass. skillful, special pink

Maria Cvetkovska says:

oh my I thought P.2 would at least be a little better … Gordon your creativity is diminishing this is embarrassing. You're a fine dinning chef yet the only thing you cooked was fried dough balls? Your vegan recipes missed the usual mark you're usually able to deliver with almost all else.

dreamdoll1988 says:

Sorry Gordon but there banana donut balls not banana fritters proper banana fritters are whole bananas battered and deepfried 😉 btw can still be made Vegan 🙂 you can also make with small finger bananas

Themonkeymartin says:

His kids are never going to MacDonalds in their life lol

Kevin Kihlberg says:

Chalange! I would like you to make a soup that holds in a soup thermos for several hours without going bad

Jaile Litaker says:

I still can’t get past cold soup. 🤦🏼‍♀️ that’s a freakin smoothie 🤦🏼‍♀️ but I bet it tastes wonderful 😂

L Teck says:

I usually dont like bananas but you make me want to try that recepy and if i dont end up liking it my sister will (:

José María says:

Basil in gazpacho? My Spanish genes scream "blasphemy!", but my tastebuds scream "fresh!". I should try next time I make gazpacho

Stevie Rios says:

Vegan gains are a must 🤤

RageKing says:

I hope you washed ur hands

amy abarca says:

I could only hope to accidentally come across a random piece of excellent quality produce (avocado, pineapple, pomegranate, cucumber) at our local super market. After many times of cutting open something flavorless, with poor inner texture, and at times, rotten at the core, the disappointment prevents you from wasting money in the gamble of produce shopping.

Val Xen says:

Get you a man that looks at you like how Gordon looks at thinly sliced pineapple.

Gollum’s Lover says:

Tabitha for hair.

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