Vegan Miso Soup Recipe | Easy + Gut-Healthy!

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In this casual vlog/recipe video my friend Remy shows us how to make the easiest (and tastiest) Vegan Miso Soup, plus we also try some fun mochi. Get the full recipe here:
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Ezzi Smilie says:

So if you use kombu you don’t have to use dashi?

Vegan Raw Recipes says:

Looks amazing!

Lilith says:

I tried doing this twice but the soup only tastes like warm water, my special other says its not salty at all. Im really frustrated I can't do this simple thing

Laawsu Lyss says:

can we talk about how absolutely adorable caitlin and remy are this is so heartwarming

Lilith says:

so what i get from this is that you gotta put the sea weed on water before using it?? can someone clarify this please?

jakejoyride says:

Remy you forgot about scallions xD

Karn Joshi says:

Wqit aint lard animals fat?? Im not trying to sound like a wise ass I'm really curious

Tay Katoo says:

I can’t find kombu, will nori work? This looks sooo good!

Edit: I just made this and it was amazing!!! I’m sure kombu would be much better, but the nori worked pretty good! Also, I added rice noodles, because sometimes a girl just needs her noodles 😁

Seham Alraish says:

She spoke very quickly

Fun way to cook says:

really nice , i ll learn and try to make a video on it on my channel , thank you so much

Rhonda Lopes says:

Please make a Vegan Pho recipe 🙏🏼

nelly daniela says:

i tried out this recipe yesterday and my mom and sister loved it so much!!!

Alina Baltazar says:

If I have seaweed sheets meant for sushi, can I use it? Do I let it soak in water? Or can I put it directly into the pot?

Think Yazzy says:

Hello so I just can’t keep the show I watched on Netflix called What The Health I really recommend it. It will open all minds to bring vegan and I promise you will not regret watching it. If I didn’t say it before it’s called ‘What The Health’ on Netflix

Simo Jovic says:

Caitlin you still doing oil pulling?

Megan Kaye says:

I love Remy’s channel ❤️

Biagio Plantamura says:

Try to put a sift in the water and dissolve the miso into it so you don't get little bits of miso that don't dissolve

Pink Stone Threads says:

Caitlin! I love your videos and I’ve found your recipes to be so delicious!! I please please PLEASE 🙏🏼 need your help! My boyfriend is interested in going vegan but he has the palate of an absolutely stubborn child. He loves meat replacer and fruits but absolutely hates nearly all vegetables, mushrooms and beans. He’ll only eat corn and spinach. What can I do to make healthier vegan meals for the both of us?

Julie says:

Where do you buy mushrooms like that? I’ve never seen those 🙁

Aenna Cole says:

Making me craving miso soup 🤤 🌱

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