7 Low-Carb Veggie Dinners

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Pamela Sue says:

You can't have potatoes on keto. You should research keto before making vids because potatoes will kick you out of ketosis. But on a positive note, I made the ravioli and the grilled cheese and it was excellent. Thank you.

Onyx 368 says:

I am confused as to how potatoes contribute to a low carb diet. I would substitute with radishes.

Mariam Abdeali says:

Cheese must be really cheap where these videos are made….

Shahbaz ahmed says:

Good nice video very much for your help

Madj Akkou says:


Tigerdeer says:

Potato is hardly low carb. Get with the program.

Sara Ansari says:

Wow, very well done 👏👏👏 They make it look so easy

Bobwonderbuns says:

Where can we find the recipes?

M. G says:

O my gos! She is an excellent Chef.

Nutrisystem Discount Codes says:

Really want to try the cauliflower pizza

Thatdude Kyle says:

I’m trying the cauliflower grilled cheese tonight 🤤🤤

dtj love says:

Too fast to remember all ingredients necessary to make all these delicious lo-carb meals!! Thank you👍👍

Danae M says:

All is good until that marinara sauce. Ever checked the carbs on that? This recipe is NOT LOW CARB!

Chetna Dave says:

What I can put instead eggs?

balipomspookie tahiti says:

is it possible to freeze the pizza or any recipe looking like a quiche ?

Erogunz says:

Me: Tries to find good low-carb recipes
Tasty: pUt cAuLiFlOwEr iN tHe mIxEr

Me: Okay.. well the next recipe is surely better
Tasty: pUt cAuLiFlOwEr iN tHe mIxEr

Me: Come on, there must be low carb food without cauliflower, right?
Tasty: pUt mOrE cAuLiFlOwEr iN tHe mIxEr

Tasnia Apara says:

everything is low cal even a small amount of oil but all that cheddar cheese is obscenely high calorie

Andy says:

Good grief, no more cauliflower…………..PLEASE. By the end of this video I feel the need to get cauliflower out of my diet.

Melloweat says:

follow me and i'll follow you back.

Product reviewer uk says:

Love the first recipe

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