Simple Vegan Student Meals | Budget & Beginner Friendly

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To Rindo Atoa says:

Too boring to watch, too much talk and too slow, blerghhhh

Paula Tumai says:

You are sooooo underrated! Honestly, Madeleine! I've tried a few of your recipes and YUM!!! Is all I can say!!!

Crysales says:

You look so much like Katherine Langford o:

NeoDarkling Goth says:

If the food taste half as good as it looks I will be more than happy! Everything looks absolutely delicious and I can't wait to try them. 😄

José Pablo Castro-Delgado says:

In Mexico the term “quesadilla” is really just like a suggestion. In some parts a quesadilla doesn’t have cheese and it’s filled with meats or vegetables, in other states a quesadilla is just a tortilla with cheese… same with the forms, no one really knows what a quesadilla really is, so don’t be afraid to cal it a quesadilla

ishanvi says:

the tofu satay curry looks heavenly!! im trying it out for dinner today

katia Sariñana says:

I’m from Mexico and I want to say thank you for showing so much respect to our food 😂
Is not very common that people say something lime “traditional quesadilla”.
Thank you so much, I really enjoyed your video 💕

flying bird says:

You know i despise whole cooked tomatoes but this recipe makes it look so yummy……. I might try again to befriend my roasted tomatoes.

Som len proste Lea says:

Why you had to talk so much about foods. The video is about how to make certain recipes. Why talk about it…

valeree says:

Could you make some low calorie simple recipes? 🙏🏻

ddlovogue says:

Mexican here. I can only speak for most mexicans who live in Mexico City (where I live), but most of us really only eat quesadillas with corn tortillas when they’re bought out (i.e. street food), but homemade quesadillas are usually made with wheat flour tortillas! Also, sometimes we fold 1 tortilla in half, some other times we use two tortillas like you did, and, as someone already pointed out, we call those sincronizadas (as in synchronized, just like how the tortillas would be “synchronized” to each other)

Em Roselle says:

I turned off the video when I saw avocados because that sh!t ain't cheap

Jolly Ally says:

I give up. I'm a veggie and I cannot find any vegan meal where you don't need a blend, you don't needs these pans, where you don't need food processor and don't use peanut anything.

I'm really struggling, I don't have money or room to buy these extra things. Just wish things were simpler

Twilight Rose says:

I tried today with the "Vegan Quesadillas" but without chilli & added my own vegan cheese Fetta, was absolutely lovely & I thank you for sharing this recipe. All except the chilli from Aldi cost me $13.50 really good for on a budget, will eat this more. 💜✨

Brissaneira Rodriguez says:

A quesadilla is whatever you want it to be. It wasn't ever really a fancy meal , it's a comfort food. It should make you happy ^_^ Most Mexican food is as diverse as the number of families, so everyone has "the way" of making everything.

Or lasri says:

Did you study in a culinary school?

Mayra Preciado says:

Its also really good if you mix refried beans with a bunch of cheese and spread it on both side of the tortilla and then the veggies in the middle, and I am Mexican and I make them the same way you are making it. I think it depends on if I want a snack or I want a full meal🤣😂

hi. says:


Emi M says:

You underestimated just HOW affordable I need it to be

g says:

Hi 🙂 I loved your video, new subscriber! I was wondering what song you used for the tofu portion of the video?

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