Italian Veggie Broth with Pastina

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_Em _ says:

You need to make just a montage of all the years Laura saying "it's hot" 😂

Just Me says:

We have made this for years and years and years except our version, IMHO is so much better. We use bone-in chicken breasts and beef bones, omit green beans, use homemade egg noodles, and garnish with locatelli.

Mary Marth says:

I would like to know what size the Staub cocotte is. I have a smaller 4 qt in the same color but want to buy larger. It's a striking color. Very rich looking.

Andromacha says:

Laura, another idea for comfort food: semolino!! Well I am from the north of Italy, but goodness I could live on that semolino everyday. With just some parmigiano reggiano and half a table spoon of olive oil… absolutely my favorite comfort food!!! Chiaramente fatto all'italiana… non sto parlando del grits americano eh!

The Berean Baker says:

She won’t be picky forever.

What's Cooking At Mom's Kitchen says:

"Smells like home", I like that! Nona's soup is outstanding! I like what Nono wanted, chunky! But uhm, can I taste the one that pass through the food mill he he … Can't get enough of Nona's glorious soup!!! Oh Laura I really love you being nostalgic! You are an old soul that I love so much!

stanley tanzini says:

my mom from Italy , we ate this pastina a lot and i loved it , so i am going to make it now …great memories

Jonathan Riolo says:

Very deliciously Chef Vitale

RiahXLove says:

I made this tonight! And OMG sooo good!

Ciccio says:

Vai Laura, insegna agli americani le basi.

Brenda Dillon says:

Laura i made this and wept for grandmother.. so comforting … why cant they live forever…😘

Deborah Ann Reid says:

Just wanted to share with you that this soup was absolutely delicious! Thank you for sharing. It was so easy to make also. Italian soups or food in general is so comforting! Blessings to you and your family!

Lani says:

Oh my goodness. I just finished making this recipe and it was AMAZING!!! Thank you so much. Great comfort food for cold weather and super healthy. I absolutely love this.

Bina lopez says:

If you don’t have any rind can you put in a chunk of parmigiana cheese or will it clumb and bind

Mary-Jean Slaughter says:

Why dont you ever talk about your mom or her recipes?

Melissa Ponzopena says:

Aw you can tell how much love she has for her family and how much she misses it ♥️

Penny Seldon says:

Love your recipe!!!!!
Soo healthy!!!!!
And your presentation is great!!!!!

Anita Gade says:

reminds me of pav bhaji (indian food) – my mom uses a vegetable masher or immersion hand blender

Ida M. says:

A M A Z I N G ! ! !
Favor bursting throughout.
As soon as you posted this I knew I had to make it.
No pasta needed.
I used a blender.
Drank it in a mug,
D E L I C I O U S !
Thanks Laura xo

Luana Da Silva says:

Pastina with a bit of formaggino Kiri is the ultimate cure for anything haha

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