Vegan Pumpkin Soup ft. Sweet Plantain–A Delicious Thanksgiving Soup with a Twist

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This Vegan Pumpkin Soup ft. Sweet Plantain combines American and Caribbean classics, to create a delightful party in your mouth. This pumpkin-plantain delicious duo is perfect for a Thanksgiving meal, Christmas meal, or any holiday spread!

Pumpkins are definitely one of the all-American, quintessential classics that makes the Thanksgiving holiday super memorable to me. And so are plantains (thanks to my Dominican roots 🙂 So in honor of both, I thought, how yummy would it be to fuse two delicious cuisine-classics into one dish? And bam! A Vegan Pumpkin Soup too good to keep to myself. The combo created an amazingly luscious, golden-dream your holiday table will relish.

Hearty and memorable. Vegan and Plant-based!

This is a fun twist on the classic pumpkin soup or even the vegan pumpkin soup for that matter. It promises awesome flavor that is deeply satisfying, and is power-packed health benefits from not only the main ingredients (pumpkin and plantain), but also from ginger, onions, garlic, and more.

If you like pumpkin and if you like sweet plantain, then more joy has come to your world!

Take it up a notch with a delicious swirl of cashew sour cream (a wonderfully creamy complement to this meal) and a sprinkle of pumpkin seeds and fresh herbs.

***Vegan Pumpkin Soup ft. Sweet Plantain recipe:

***Cashew Sour Cream recipe:

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T Mains says:

Awesome 👏🏿

zippyspring says:

Melissa!! I love this recipe! Even I can do it! Thanks for sharing! And, I looooveeeee your fall sweater and the new background! I am thankful for a lot of things including having you in my life! Blessings, peace and love!

Beatrice Jean-Baptiste says:

I'm thankful for this channel! I'm definitely trying this recipe! I've tried your other recipes and they were a HIT with my family! Happy ThanksLIVING!!!

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