Easy Vegan Shepherd's Pie – Lentil & Chickpea

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mumofmany says:

Oh my god 😂😂💖💚🌍🌱

Thomas Judge says:

I’m going to make this for dinner later! Thanks for sharing 🌱

Kushagra Tiwari says:

I'm probably gonna make this one, seems amazing

Epiqueerian says:

I did something like this with mushrooms in the vege part and chives in the mash 💜💚💜

Universal Soldier says:

I wonder if anyone has tried this using nutrition yeast in place of vegan cheese?

Chris Colours Hair says:

Made this yesterday and its a winner! Didn't use cheese but still tasted amazing

Andie Brit says:

LOL – Trouser trumpets!

Jamie Badar says:

I think a tin potato smasher is completely appropriate for you and your channel. Just saying.

Caroline OBrien says:

Milk? That’s not vegan

WrathofBabushka says:

The recipe box link gives me a message saying "Warning: Potential Security Risk Ahead" and I can't actually continue to the site… Is this normal?

Phil Hjemboe says:

I like this guy’s presentation. Instead of making us sit through the actual cutting up of veggies, he cuts to the chase and shows us the cut up results. YouTube chefs could learn from him.

Rutendo Kim Mk says:

Had to subscribe after just one video😍🤣 and I'm not even vegan. Love the vibe!

visitor says:

Just cant thank you enough….It came out simply awesome…..

Sumanjeet Kaur says:

Such a pity this guy’s positively disappeared

Edyta X says:

You are hilarious and an excellent cook! Thanks for the vegan recipe. It is absolutely delicious.

Juliette York says:

Looks yummy. New subscriber 🌷

Nukenin98 says:

Just made it, approved! love it (especially the cheese in the mashed potatoes)

Curt Rivadeneira says:

Come back to us, please.

Adithya Someshwar says:

Where are you?😭😭😭

Nur Shakeila Amran says:

Hello! What’s happened to you?? Would love an update! 🙂

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