Vegan Recipes For St. Patrick's Day

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thesleepingtsarevich says:

Ice cream with food coloring whips up into buttercream-like frosting? I have a hard time believing that.

Ravana says:

1:39 Butter and cream … 😂😂😂

Vegan Raw Recipes says:

Wow amazing ❤️😍

John Bradish says:

As an Irish vegan… Irish people don't eat any of these things except the shepard(less) pie. Scones with caraway seeds I have never seen. The corrupt version of Irishness that is manufactured in the US is to tired and just offensive. We didn't ask anyone to die drinks green!

AN Carson says:

I loved your content so much. I have been trying to research for vid like yours that educates the ideas in this video. 👩‍⚕️ 👩‍⚕️ The part at 1:10 is super useful. Your video totally reminds me of the vids of Dr. Ethan. Doctor's demonstrations are knowledgable and he actually helped me on my midterms! He is an educational medical student in the UK and he explains diabetes.

I suggest you check his YT out and give the doc a subscribe! ➡️ #MedicalStudentEthan

Only Me says:

Why do these recipes seem sus as hell with the *we have used vegan _____

Almost makes me think that this is actually a vegetarian showcase with goodful basically saying "you can make it vegan, but we didn't".

Parul says:

😂🤣 as a vegetarian I'm watching this there is so many Indian recipes you can try except few desert recipe because they are milk based .if I don't drink milk 😂 then I'll become vegan because other than that I don't touch milk .

Vondett says:

This might be "vegan", but you use so much processed sugar (which is not all vegan btw, in how it is made, neither is food coloring btw), a soda, alcohol, thermal cooking…. and of course even more sugar and sugar. Salt is also should not be even consumed its poison to our bodies. A lot of people go vegan and wonder why they just dont turn healthy…… Because they eat stuff like choclate with 7up and chips and chase it with beer… Not all that "vegan" is healthy……. 🤦‍♂️Hooray for trends i suppose………..

A A says:

Why does this seem like a recycled video with ‘we have used vegan’ added in

G Mail says:

Happy st Patrick’s day to all our vegan Irish American sisters and brothers, love Ireland!

A Diamond In The Raw says:

I would sub spinach for the green food coloring

Malik DeLaun says:

As a vegan if you’re using food coloring then we need to have a talk o.O

John Early says:

Is the music supposed to sound Irish‽ Because it doesn’t sound at all Irish to me.

Louise D. says:

Where can I find the link for the Shepherd's Pie recipe? Thanks

yogi mimi says:

this was probably the fastest subscribe/unsubscibe in my youtube history. "we used vegan white chocolate" oh really? so you don't have any vegans on your staff then, cool.

miss fitz says:

"Tis far from vegan you were reared", Irish mammys everywhere 😅

josiew says:

That pie looks fab!

winterrrsea says:

Would be cool if you actually said what all these mystery vegan ingredients were. I've been vegan for 13 years never seen butterscotch, white chocolate or some other things you 'used' before in my life. And I used to look online for them. So you're either lying or what? Why would you leave out so much actual info for the recipes?

Lavender0928 says:

What is golden syrup? How do I find vegan cream?

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