Vegetarian Thai Curry – Thai Recipes By Archana's Kitchen

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Here’s a wonderful recipes of Veg Thai Green Curry with vegetables. Prepare Thai Green Curry paste in advance and make this curry on the go for a quick weeknight dinner and serve it along with hot steamed rice or a fried rice.

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madhuri sharma says:

Best thai curry recipe❤️

Abdul Habibulla says:

Thank you for the recipe. Tried Chicken Thai Green Curry following the steps you mentioned. Added chicken to the curry after adding coconut milk. Came out really really good. Thank you Ms. Archana.

Gabriel Geiger says:

Love your energy!

ann matis says:

Making this for dinner today. Got some frozen lemon grass and thai basil in the garden.
But will use soy milk instead.

ann matis says:

Nice recipe.

Seth Tolentino says:

Can you store the paste in the fridge? If so do you know how long it will last?

Cuno Wiederhold says:

Great video!
I love Thai, Indonesian & Vietnamese curry's.
Though I've never made any, I definitely will soon.

towhid chowdhury says:

Clearly the chef has never eaten thai food. The title should be changed to indian style thai vegeterian curry.

Shamya Gubbi says:

You are so real !!! Lovely cooking.

vita10052007 says:

Actually Thai green curry is green because of 20-30 of green chilies, it's very very hot, and needs some roasted jeera too. Your recipe is an Indian style that I become love it because of very much vegetable to make tasty instead of chicken or meat as usual, as I ever tried to make without chicken and it became not tasty. This recipe is really great you can put paneer instead of Taohoo.

Rushyendra S says:

Who will call this Thai curry? This is Indian version of foreign cuisine. Bloody hell horrible. I will never try this at home.

Tommy Robs says:

Loved the recipe and you are looking lovely too

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saras wathy says:

Lovely Archana!!

விஸ்வாணி ஜீஸ்மித்தா vishvaani jismitthaa says:

Wow..looks awesome..👍🤩🥘🌿
Will definitely try this. Thank you


The best recipe of Thai curry

Rajam Subramaniam says:

Super recipe.

Pradhum Prasad says:

It came out too good .mam please show how to make red thai curry

Yeng Lovan says:

Thai food tom yum


My mouth is watering.

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