Gordon Ramsay Finds BLOOD On The Mozzarella Sticks | Kitchen Nightmares

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It all starts with Gordon Ramsay spilling out spoiled scallop juice, and gets worse when he discovers congealed chicken and bloody mozzarella sticks. Chef Gordon Ramsay lets it up and chastises this terrible kitchen staff. Watch this episode of Kitchen Nightmares tomorrow starting at 10PM Eastern | 9PM Central, FREE on Dabl Network TV! Visit https://bit.ly/2sGTUwA for where to watch! #Dabl #DablNetwork #CordCutters #FreeTV



[ StormVorteX ] says:

When was this taken …. ?????
Gordon is so calm …. What's happening ?????

Chad Waller says:

Deep fried blood won't hurt you

JoJoZep ofthejungle says:

This is why I NEVER eat out! Cook at home with organic fresh ingredients.

Jodie York says:

He's right.

Margaret Sen says:

It’s just marinara sauce.

Joe Campa says:

Raw chicken IS slimy!

Austin hadley says:

Season and episode?

Troy Lentz says:

It unusual the main kitchen nightmares channel and this one uploaded from the same episode

S Rebergen says:

You don't get it Gordon, that's haute cuisine!

V. R says:

Gordon is the best xD

Anne Nielsen says:

If they know he's coming, why don't they fix things.
Like the chefs that doesn't even bother trying to make him a proper meal, with the crappy ingredients they have.
I know it's entertainment, but still, nobody seems to have any dignity or self respect anymore…

fatima serena says:

I like Aziz Bako channel😊


Millz501 says:

That’s a life hazard yet alone health hazard 💀

carla juana says:

"That's a funny two days" 😭

Itz_the_weird_wolf says:

Oh I know Gordon was disappointed

KweenType !! says:


wierd kid says:

He must of beem pissed

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