Russell Rush & Jazzy Jay – Cold Chillin In The Spot Edit

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jose Castro says:

Classic hiphop

Ed Harris says:

What's funny about this is RunDmc Russell Simmons everybody (Mainly DefJam and anybody down with DefJam) WBLS was there Body Guard…That's why Russell took a subliminal diss at Kiss F. M. …

Ed Harris says:

Russell was so out of his mind that he didn't realize that he took a shot at Kiss FM , and L.A….

King Sports says:

Rip Andre Harrell the doctor

Darien Deloatch says:

First time I heard this DJ Red Alert was mixing it on the Radio. I recorded it on my JVC boom box . I was stationed in VA but I would drive home damn near every weekend. This cut sounded so good coming out of those JVC speakers

Ed Harris says:

Russell don't like listen to this right now because that was '85 and he was wild with alot of money and didn't give a damn!!…But now !!…He would say " Ok..Take that record off "…

Don Dino says:

Iā€™m here because Lord Jamar šŸ¤¦šŸ¾ā€ā™‚ļø

Kerry Stokes says:

Lord Jamar sent me here

Kirk Williams says:

Lord Jamar sent me here.

DjDedan says:

The Cold Rock Stuff

Mark Foster says:

I had this 12 inch as a kid. I later sold all my early hip hop records to a friend that wanted to be a DJ… such regret

kenyoda skywalker says:

Dr Jekyll in the house… RIP… Thanks bro!!!

Charles Dowell says:

Best old school Hip Hop record…. āœŒšŸ¾

william bryant says:

All hail The Mighty Oberheim DMX! Part of the drum machine Holy Trinity– Linn Drum LM-1, and Roland Tr-808.

Illya Gardner says:

We ain't got to hire nobody to say nothing , we keeping all tha money

Darrell Henderson says:

Good looking out on this, couldn't remember the name

Kevin C says:

2019 Still The Def Jammmmm…….1

Darryl B says:

still banging 2019

World of Akbad says:


Darrell Henderson says:

Had this record

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