Vegan Irish Stew – Quick and Easy Stew Recipe

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In this video, I show you how to make Irish stew. This vegetable stew recipe is hearty, satisfying, rich, and perfect for St. Patrick’s Day recipes. Traditional Irish stew is made with beef and Guinness beer. Obviously beef isn’t vegan, so I skip that and replace it with hearty vegetables. And beer isn’t (believe it or not) isn’t always vegan either as they sometimes use isinglass (fish blatters…ew) to filter the beer. Guinness is currently in the process of changing their recipe to be vegan. I know it is vegan in some areas but not yet everywhere. In my vegan stew recipe, I used a local beer which is vegan-friendly.
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Susietopspin says:

Hi Sam. I just made this tonight and it was beyond amazing. Even my carnivore hubby was amazed. I did add some homemade dumplings to it and that took it over the edge :-). You truly are my favourite vegan chef. Everything is just so easy to follow with ingredients that are easy to get. A big thanks and a Happy St Paddy's Day. Sue

ShOtGuNOfRivia says:

Quality recipe, you're wicked. Question, I'm serving taters anyway with the dish, so I'd rather not have any in the stew, what would you rec instead?

Kaint Munda says:

Lovely recipe so ru vegan?

Pappy says:

Check Dr Neal Bernard and his take on oil.

Philip Deasy says:

I am irish, to suggest an Irish stew be a vegan stew is beyond egregious!!!!

Solomon Atsiaya says:

This stew is so good I love it

Living TheDream says:

Omg so hyper

Jake M says:

Irish stew does NOT have beer in it.
This is guinness stew, which is a Irish version of a stew from Belgium.

J.J. L. says:

Can I substitute something else for the beer?

jettron1 says:

Looks delicious. Some barley wouldn't hurt.

Sox News says:

Not Guinness 🥴

NutritionalZero says:

I learned how to make this dish from an Irish woman called Lortay DeShamaugh

Riley Groleau says:

I love your energy! You seem like you really enjoy cooking♥️ can’t wait to try this recipe tonight!

Stanislav says:

wow you look so happyyyyy omgggggggg girl you're sunshiiiiiiiine

The gaming Seal says:

Pls don’t make your dog vegan

Billy Peek says:

OMG i really like her…

Char Walters says:

Love the recipe, the background music is annoying as hell

Tamara Dehon says:

Stout beer what’s that?

Tamar Ben Dor says:

This was really good! I did have to let the stew simmer for a while longer and add more sugar to reduce the bitterness but the end result was fire!

300TV says:

3:15 POTATO DOWN 😂😂😂

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