Magnum Luxe Ice Cream – Chocolate Cake Batter

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There are 3 Magnum Luxe flavours available. The Chocolate Cake Batter one sounded pretty good to me and it was also the only flavour my local Woolies had πŸ™„. Let’s try it

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Dehlia Sellick says:

They are disgusting it taste like eating a mouthful of salt.

Mandragara says:

I like the Conneseur mint magnum things, A lot of people don't like mint ice cream though

Mode Munch says:

I prefer Magnum PI

He is cheaper to hire too

and he has a better moustache.

DKG says:

I Got em full price. I immediately noticed how small they were compared to the others, so they just shrank this luxe range. The taste was a bloody ripper though. It Tastes like choc vanilla cake! My review: too bloody expensive, great taste. 7/10. Great review as usual mate!

Ben R says:

Looks pretty good. Paying servo prices

dark hearts says:

Are these as good Tasdaz?

dark hearts says:

I forgot about the Magnum Egos, Damn they were tasty af

paulozdirect says:

Everyone panic buying toilet paper and mince and here's tas daz munching on magnums like a boss .

little bitty says:

OMG Ice cream and chocolate and more chocolate I love chocolate and I love ice cream.

J H says:

Damn, they look good!

Kim Jong-un says:

Coming up next, magnum condoms β™₯οΈπŸ‡°πŸ‡΅

Newport says:

I thought that was a condom packet at first glance haha

Jak Flasdick says:

G'day Daz, they look great but for $9 a pack I don't reckon I'll be trying them any time soon. Nice video mate

2 Aussie says:

Still haven’t seen them for half price even though they are expensive they are delicious πŸ˜‹

InsubordinationFreak says:

I liked the sound of the flavour. Cake batter, but still white ice-cream. I picked up a panna cotta one from the servo and it wasn't nice. Just pure sugar. Would consider this one next hot day.

Ivan P says:

I love Dairy Free Magnum… Cost "rip off", Delicious Yes. Can't find them at W.W, only Coles

JustFoodReviews says:

Wow, back to back 9+. Good start to the week!

Imevoshock Z says:

I feel you buy the brand over buying the product like if this was another cheaper brand it would only cost like $5

Foodie Trekker says:

Top class ice cream and review Mate

Gary Bartlett says:

$9 a box! I love chocolate but I'm not paying that, I'll wait for an escaped coronavirus patient to tamper with the box and I'll get them then when the shops are giving them away lol🀣

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