Quick and Easy Vegetarian Meals : Cooking Tofu for Vegetarian Stir Fry Recipe

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Learn how cook tofu for vegetarian stir fry with this easy vegetarian recipe in this free cooking video on making easy vegetarian recipes and meals.

Expert: Anne Brashier
Bio: Anne Brashier is a licensed massage therapist with the American Massage Therapy Association.
Filmmaker: Nili Nathan


jammyjammer2015 says:

She… didn't… cook… it.

KoH Chris says:

expertvillage has some of the most useless videos I've ever seen. It's a complete misnomer.

aHeartforTravel says:

gotta a big enough knike? jk ;]

AnitaC says:

@Polishspring Go to Expert Village and key in Anne Brashier, you should be able to find the
rest of her videos.

videos says:

soy protein harder for body to digest as animal protein.

billynightmare says:

expert village is so fail

Soraia Wood says:

I lost my time.

ronnyboy1988 says:

expert village BLOWS.

liuzhou says:

What is she doing to that knife? Doesn't she have a cutting board?

tealrabbit53 says:

stupid "expert"village's videos have to be broken into retarded 2 minute long sections, because they're too lazy to edit the less important stuff out of the goddamn useless video!!!

canefan17 says:

Can tofu be undercooked?

I just tried my first round of tofu and I'm worried I didn't cook it long enough

hangawara says:

see me for a good recipe

rottingmeatman says:

expert village is fucking stupid

carlyb619 says:

Consider changing the title to "preparing tofu for stir fry". You didn't cook anything, just cut tofu into squares. Thank you for wasting my time.

meow23 says:

tofu is a veggi chesse and taste like soy lol not plastic. it depents in how you cook the tofu if you cook with some sauce fry or in hot water and vegetables tofu will taste like that.

Nia L.L. says:

ok i will 🙂

Nia L.L. says:

she didnt mention how plastic tofu tastes. im a vegan, but i hate tofu. its gross!!

Melo Earth says:

Nah, I don't care that much to tell you anything more. Do what you want. You are the one who had to reply to my comment. Maybe be quiet next time? 😉

When I was at your age I had a lot LESS awareness about everything, and I thought I knew it all. You will grow out of it, no worries. Then you can recall that I'm telling you now: "I told you so".

Melo Earth says:

Actually, I do. You need to review your hand washing habits, maybe, and…wash your mouth in the process.
Go to a 7-11 and checkout the nastiness of the items on the shelves. Check those near the cash register. You might want to check YOUR ass.

sk8erkle says:

i do lol jkjk

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