Classic Minestrone

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This classic soup will soon become your family favorite
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Peter Henning says:

The crappiest cook on TV 💩

Will Conway Jr says:

This isn't a classic recipe. Minestrone soup doesn't have meat in it classically.

Nigel Johnson says:

Expensive, and not a real recipe for ordinary people.

saba bajwa says:

I’m going to try it soon I love Rachel ray

Nathan Newsom says:

This recipe has been my basic guideline for so many different leftover-ish soups.. It's too good.

CNR Blog says:

She puts nutmeg in everything. Or rushed red pepper, or smoked paprika, or chorizo or other sausage…

cjpreach says:

Beautiful Soup. One alteration – use Pasta rather than spuds.

lgmnow kondo says:

Now that''s a woman!

HB says:

Please send me some soup!
I can not afford all the ingredients, and just one time in my life would love to try your soup! Lol

Virginia Haskins says:

I’m glad that she didn’t use noodles!! ☺️

Kathryn inHawaii says:

I like turnip in minestrone

Keith R says:

Man this one expensive soup. Matter of fact soup period much more expensive than I thought. I've been on a soup rampage lately 😛

Keith R says:

Man I've had a crush on Rachael Ray since the 90's…. Everytime I think I'm past such a feeling, I watch her and NOPE! still there… Irony is I don't even look for women with same qualities. Hrm maybe I should.

Lisa x says:

She goes so fast🤦🏻‍♀️

Mat Taylor says:

Uh not even close!!

Luci Den says:

Its like she is upset with us

mitch bruns says:

Girl, how do you do it? You just got it go'in on baby!

Kakacicimakutu Young says:

Too complicated
Is it classical?

Richard C says:

Boxed stock. Taste it solo sometime. Not happening.

JAS미안 says:

I’m not much of a foody, but I’m curious if this is really classic minestrone? I always thought it was vegan based. Aka vegetable broth, no meat, no cheese, etc. Can someone fact check me?

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