Hello! Paradise Valley Kitchen | How to make Vegan Thai Green Curry

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Welcome to Hello! Kitchen.

Each episode introduce a new Kitchen and a demonstration on how to make one of their most popular dishes you could make at home!
For the First Episode we are at the Paradise Valley Hotel with a demonstration on how to make Thai green vegan curry.

For the curry Paste
-6 big shallots
-1 head of peeled garlic
-1 big lemongrass centre section
-8 Lime leaf (kaffir)
-8 green chill, seeds removed half or as desired
-150g cleaned ginger
-2 bunch washed Coriander roots-Oil to cover
(as per video)

The cooking stage depending how much curry you want to make using the paste.
You need Coco nut cream and coconut milk.
For the spices:
1 tablespoon of Turmeric, coriander and cumin.
Balance the flavor with fish sauce, palm sugar and sometimes Lime juice.


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