Polish Ham and Cabbage Chowder

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darren roby says:

stunning soup!

Jill Ghiati says:

You look great 👍👍

Brent Manzella says:

Daddy Jacks…Cooking with the blues.

Jay Sahli says:

Thanks for this recipe Jack. This delicious recipe would have made my Polish grandmother proud!

GaylordWinchester77 says:

Pure authenticity. Love this man.

Chris Porter says:

Did he say 15 to 20 minutes to make? That would take me all day.

Reno Nevada says:

dj ….stay healthy

Paul Peckham says:

Absolutely gotta try this.

Chris Clee says:

What about your restaurants? Are they not open?

Cryptic Cookies says:

i love my dutch oven. this i have to try. cabbage is so good for the gut. cheers! ✌️🥔

Tom Connaghan says:

Easter ham and corn chowder only in New England 😀 I got an extra head of cabbage from St. Patty’s Day gonna give this a try looks fantastic. Have a blessed Easter

joe hall says:

man that looks good.

imran suleman says:

hey jack whipping ass in the kitchen as usual. u touch axel and then u washed your hands and splashed it in the pot while cooking eeh..

Steve Mather says:

Glad to see your on the mend Jack. Absolutely love all of your videos and your cooking style, real food for real people. love and the best of health to you the whole family inc dear Axl, Steve from the UK.

Travis Kindsfather says:

Props to Lakeesha for the great camera work, can't wait to try this one…just need a few more leftovers first. God bless you guys. Stay safe and healthy.

Oberda Reignbeau says:

Dad Gum, that looks good!

Bob Coradini says:

Daddy Jack is the Best . . . Iove his dishes . . .and his style of cooking. He wastes nothing . . . Kudos! & Thanks

Steve Rizz says:

Looks great Gotta try this one. Love how you always use everything and never waste perfectly good food. God Bless

Siouxper Dave says:

I like that knife your using, what kind is it?

Jeff says:

Thank you, Jack & Laquisha! Love your videos. Everything I've made using your recipes has turned out fantastic. 😊

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