Learn how to make the best lentil soup – this easy lentil soup is healthy, vegan, comforting and very easy to make. Perfect soup for cold winter days. All you need is one pot, few [More]
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Super simple vegan meals with Iron in mind. One with a good source of Iron and one incredibly high in iron! Let me know if you want more Iron recipes. Hope you enjoy them! PRE [More]
Watch the Zakarian family show you how to make fried rice using leftover steamed rice.
Lyn and Erin From Beautiful-Vegan.com review the Jazzy Vegetarian Cookbook (it’s Vegan really).
Learn how to make these Italian vegetarian dishes here: https://www.travelwith2ofus.com/the-best-italian-vegetarian-dishes-for-you.php There are so many Italian dishes that are meat-free, and you will probably find enough choices at various Italian restaurants while you’re in Italy. Most [More]
In this fun video, I take you through a simple 4 INGREDIENT recipe for roasted almond magnums AND we test whether homemade is really better than the storebought. I know I may be a bit [More]
Crack into NEW Double Tubs from Magnum Ice Cream — velvety ice cream, rich sauce, and chocolate chunks encased in a cracking chocolate shell. It’s a next-level ice cream experience! https://bzfd.it/2Vwi9LH
Make yourself a drink by yourself with our quick recipe with the minimal ingredients that you can get at your home. Write down in the comment section that which drinks you want us to make [More]
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