Chocolate & Caramel Filled Banana Popsicles | Vegan Recipe #143

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Who knew bananas could also make for a delicious cool treat! This recipe is perfect for the start of summer and will be a hit with the whole family. Make sure to try these Chocolate & Caramel Filled Banana Popsicles asap!

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Bangtan Saranghae says:

I am currently dieting how much calories are in it? Thank u!

Jacque Powell says:

I loved these as a child! They were not vegan, but you just dont see anyone one making them any more. Going to.try this afternoon!!! So excited!

Jayterra says:

These look amazing!!!

Fiorella Stephany says:

WOW, you always have AMAZING recipes!!!! loooove this

Fly Vegan Recipes says:

Oh yeah! I love the music as well!

Ronald C says:

one thing how do you make a vegan sweet potato pie I miss that since I'm from the south

Susun Slatky says:

They look amazing! I especially can't wait to try your salted caramel recipe. I've been looking up vegan caramel recipes on YouTube, and there are quite a number of different approaches, so I hope that I can make yours as well as you did. Thanks for always brightening my day!

Veggie Rose says:

I don't even like bananas but this looks so good! I have to try this!

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