Magnum Strawberries & Cream and Double Raspberry Ice Cream Bars Review

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This is a taste test/review of the Magnum Strawberries & Cream Ice Cream bars and the Double Raspberry Ice Cream Bars. They were $3.50 each at Meijer.
* Strawberries & Cream 230 calories each
* Double Raspberry 260 calories each

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Sheher Bano Ali says:

Never have one of those

XJennaX says:

That double raspberry is amazing! My new obsession 😫

pet L says:

chocolate is good but ice cream not good as people say no strawberry flavor compare to haagen and rasberry taste liek sour sorbet not much of a raspbeery taste not
worth the price

Cee dee says:

These are so goddamn expensive. I just came back from the gas station and paid 4.51/per bar. But good god it tastes luxurious.


This Double Raspberry Minis Is Really Good!!! 😋

Gene Lariv says:

Double raspberry is also my favorite :p

Muneca Xoxo says:

These strawberry ones are to good, I just bought two boxes, I won’t for a long time now. They are just one of those things lol… sooooo good and soooo gone:)( And mochi 💥)I won’t be tiny to much longer with these in my house 😂Awesome review❤️💜

The Governor says:

These flavors aren't available in Europe for some reason , shockingly! Strawberries one looks wicked.

AliceinWonderland says:

I love strawberry ice cream but I am not keen on white chocolate, it’s too sweet.

Archangel 1989 says:

You guys always know what’s good.

what_im_eatin_uk says:

In addition to the regular magnum range we currently have

Cookies and cream
Double coconut
Double caramel
Honeycomb almond

what_im_eatin_uk says:

Both of these have been out in the UK for a couple of years and were initially limited edition. However the double raspberry was so popular it became a full time addition to the range. The strawberry and cream was Asda (wall mart) exclusive for a year before a full limited edition roll out to other retailers.

Carina says:

We had the Double Raspberry ones here in Denmark last year. Pretty good. I loved the Double Peanut Butter one but they are gone again 🙁 … Their White Chocolate & Cookies one it out in stores here but I have a feeling its just Cookies & Cream… but not in a double version… It tastes like Cookies & Cream lol

The only complaint I have about the doubles… needs more filling ("sauce") lol

**Edit – You know what… I think we can get the Strawberries & Cream one here! Its just called Strawberry White… like with the White Chocolate & Cookies… which I think is Cookies & Cream but with a different name…. sneaky!!! 🍨🍨 Brb, need to go hunting LOL

And opening the bottom… deal breaker for me LOL! I can't deal with people who open things wrong 😋😋😋

Tip Tig says:

i found ranch veggie dip and bacon ranch veggie dip at giant today they are in the salid dressing aile at giant they are both in round plastic contanners they are both hidden vally ranch brand

Breaking bad Heisenberg says:

Awe 😞 I use to buy my mom the magnum Raspberry one , Before she passed this last December 😓

TheRivrPrncess says:

Are you using the new camera you got? Good review.

megabyte says:

You figure when you go into a gas station and buy a single ice cream bar, you are probably paying at least a buck (and that's for the 'drumstick' type) $1.50 for a premium snack isn't bad at all.

Lisa B. says:

Oh those look delicious!

Madilynn Baker says:

I love the strawberry and cream! I work at the factory that makes these. I’m glad to see y’all like them. Magnum is priced so high due to the price of its ingredients. Their chocolate is real Belgium chocolate. The ice cream has a high butterfat content, more cream added bumps the price up, and the machine used to make these bars is impressive. Our company tries to keep prices as low as they can, magnum is just an expensive bar to make which results in an expensive bar to buy.

Aleen R says:

I saw these at Walmart (Canada), as well as the new Magnum dairy free ice cream bars!! 😋

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