Classic vegan mushroom gravy!

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PRINTABLE RECIPE HERE!: Today we’re teaching you a simple way of making a big batch of classic vegan mushroom gravy. This recipe feeds a crowd and is wonderful as a side for any of your holiday or Christmas recipes. Making vegan gravy isn’t hard at all and you can develop great flavors with basic whole food ingredients you can find anywhere! We’re using a ton of mushrooms for our vegan gravy today, and you won’t believe how yummy this is over mashed potatoes. Stay tuned, we have a ton of delicious vegan holiday recipes coming your way. It’s our favorite time of year!

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Smily Wiley says:

You can eat this as a soup on its own 😍

cheddarpuff says:

Too much fat for me. But it gives me the basic idea. Thanks!

Michael Orenstein says:

She's cute as a button….mushroom!

dayman says:

4:55 what are these satanic food

Karla Planet says:

Thanks, I making this for tomorrow’s dinner. Happy Thanksgiving 🍁 to you and your love ones.

FarmYardFlavours says:

Awesome, I watched many vegan gravy videos to find the right one, I will make yours for Thanksgiving dinner. thank you

Evandro Monteiro says:

Fuck, your beautiful

Max-Jayde Romero says:

This was such a great video! Thank you so much for what you do for animals!

I am who I’m she Pom says:

look good also as a soup

Amanda Stovall says:

This is delicious and so little ingredients. Thank you!

catherine martina says:

What would be a "heavy non-dairy cream". do you have a name brand I can look up. I live in an area where vegan supplies are rare.

Darren Wilcox says:

I have seen so many recipes for gravy, but this one looks the best, have you tried sautéing with veg broth, or will that not work? I have watched a lot of your videos and haven't found any I haven't liked. You are a natural teacher😊

Fernanda Ventura says:


Sauce Stache says:

MMMM Soooo good!!

John Constitution says:

Ugh! Won't cook with fat, sorry.

Christy Lovasz says:

omg yum thanks for this <3

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