How To Meal Prep for the Week | Vegan Family

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Our weekly meal prep in about 1 hour. I hope you enjoyed🌹
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Hey there! Welcome to my Channel! I’m Fabiola and I’m a young mom currently based in Chicago. This Channel is all about sharing my journey to spread awareness of the plant-based lifestyle.
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J M says:

More vegan prep- family style. Please

Matas Krivovas says:

Slave goverment diet

Mary kankole says:

True good thank you again

Family Four Explore says:

Hey ! New vegan family here looking for inspiration. Is it best to get dried lentils and beans instead of tinned? Thank you xxxz

S Standing on the rock says:

Girl, i don't understand why people are hating on your video when they can learn a thing or two on healthy eating. Anyhow i get wonderful info on all your videos…..thank you

SRI SAN says:

Hi gud morning, I like ur vedio expecially I like very much ur cute baby one more information about boiling beans and chickpeas use cooker it's very easy then ur style(too long time) u go and check YouTube Indian rice cooker easy to know how to use anything u can cook very easy sweet poteto and other veg also

b says:

Yes! More such videos…!!!

Nature's Cook Flavor says:

Yea me too I'm Vegan likes too cook.

Aravinthsri Sivasritharan says:

I never realised she was french until she pronounced zinc as zinc cause they pronounce in as an

Cynthia R says:

Wish I liked sweet potatoes 🍠 but just can’t!

englishgal234 says:

I bought lots of fruits, Kale, Spinach because of watching your videos. Before, I bought about thirty dollars worth of vegetables and fruits. Now, I spend a bit more.

Wonderful meal prep for the week. I hope you write a book.

Maureen Bullis says:

I prep one item a day while I make breakfast instead of all at once. It works really well.

Pilar Castro says:

I love your recipe

Linda Gasper says:

I agree! So adorable and what wonderful parents to show her a healthy way to eat!

Pretty Balanced says:

I might have already commented but I seriously love this video so much! Ive watched it several times!

Małgorzata Karolak says:


Ubah Abdi says:

Hi,this video is perfect,please indicate the names of the products in other video,some pple are living in other parts of the world and they do not uderstand some of veg and plants,please indicate names

Bola Ayoade Odia says:

I am encouraged Keep up the good work

Jenn S says:

I love your videos and your family, but I do want to say (as a mom of eight) that you are REALLY stuffing a lot of food into Chelsea's mouth! At this stage in her life, she really should be getting about half of what you're putting on her spoon. That much food is really a choking hazard!

legal eagle says:

How do you season beans rice chick peas and lentils when you bulk cook

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