Magnum Classic Boots | Review

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The most rugged and versatile boots I’ve ever worn.

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troopercolt says:

Ill never buy magnum again. I cant remember the model but it was tan. It couldn't handle the 12hr a day standing with a vest and kit so the midsoles collapsed. I had to ice my feet every evening. Taking it back to the retailor he gave me a mumbo jumbo long story of Magnum suppliers wont replace them "as i was to heavy for them!" If this was true, why sell it to me? I weighed 85kg back then(2010) How is that heavy for a boot? Never went back to them. Had a black pair like that but didnt have issues. Hense the reason for replacing them with the tan model.

ZeroFuxGiven says:

Are they steel toed?

Abdou Kadour says:

What do you think about the magnum command 8.0 ? Is it solide, confortable and waterproof like this one ?

Shaun Schneeberger says:

Must let me show you how to do the laces sometime

મહંમદ મુલ્લા says:

Thanks for the honest review

الإمبراطور ALIMBRATORE says:

I have one it is very practical

peter ronald says:

🍀🍀🍀✌️😁✌️🍀🍀🍀 i had this boots as security … long ago but every day on my feet 🦶…, 12 jears Security… summer and winter perfect 👌… 😜✌️

FilipeL Neto says:

They are waterproof? all day out side in a raining day, its a good boot and handle that?

m3zza9 says:

I had a pair of the original boots in the 90s. They were comfortable then, so it is great to hear they still are now. That extra width definitely helps

José Costa says:

I have a Pair of those

lykas nikos says:

i have the same but without zip and it has hurt me in my both angles….so i prefer the same with zip

graleh says:

Thank you for the review! I just bought a pair for walking in the forest. Didn't knew these are that versatile 🙂

Sarrienne Cousland says:

We all bought Hi-Tec Magnums when they first came out…. 6 months later, we'd all had to replace them. We've had various Magnums since, including the issue desert boots… Not once did any pair last the 6 months. Hot, sweaty, very lacking in ankle support. Seems they're cheap for a reason!!
Save your money and get some proper leather combat boots.

0pain 0pAin says:

are they waterproof?

Ⰾⱆⰽⰰ Ⱐⰽⱉⰲⰻⱌ says:

I dont understan half of this

qfina says:

Any chance you could review the Spider X?

Jack Smith says:

This video doesn't test toe protection nor urban use.

Robert B. says:

Wear them now for 3 years – awesome quality !!!!

Alejandro Muñoz says:

Hi! Nice review. What about for a weekly use for airsoft games in the woods?

Aaron S. says:

Glad to see Magnum is making the classic boots again, I have the old pair when they were label as Hi-tec Magnum. (Late 90's model). Only thing I'm not liking with the retro boots is the big toe box area, the old boots were more sleek and not so bulgey. If that makes sense. Great video BTW.

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