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I made a few mistakes in this video as this is my first time experiencing “Vegan” food, so I changed the title as most of the foods in this video is related to Vegetarian 🌱🤍

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Hafs Clarke says:

I have lots vegan and vegetarian I like if I no like meat lots but only fish and chicken and Sausage or bacon nice

Buse Boskurt says:

She changed the subtitle from vegan to vegetarian LOL bc most of the products that she bought was not vegan xD

ezhar anwar says:

U are a angel! Joyful to watch you

Annie R. says:

This was so sweet and real haha this is exactly how going vegan was in the beginning ! So many things you’d think are vegan aren’t and vice versa, well done for giving it a go xx

Dozy Bint says:

Not really vegan, but more like vegetarian food, yet still enjoyable video though.

Ashley Cheney says:

Finally I found a deaf YouTuber thanks so much for making my day ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Gordon Walker says:

I don’t think it was a coincidence that halfway through watching this video an advert for McDonalds popped up. 😂. I think it’s a sign, lol.

De Master says:

The best youtuber🌟 LOVE FROM SWEDEN🇸🇪

jess jones says:

I've been a vegetarian for over 10 years and I have never found a good veggie burger I like, I also hate the quorn brand haha ;p

Kerry Hammond says:

I absolutely love being a vegetarian!! So fun to see you try it😊❤

Victoria Franks says:

Ah, Bless you. As for milk, choose plant or nut milk and there are dairy free butters on market – two members of family in this household, are allergic to dairy so most of our stuff are vegan. Not easy but well done for trying!! (Ps your stepdad’s t-shirt – Whitstable only 6 miles away from where I Live!)

Mr Glenn Miller says:

I M vegetarian i love the food

James Lémon Chile says:

Jazzy is amazing!

Stephanie Baird says:

You should do some sort of clothing challenge next! Maybe you can let your mom pick your outfits for a week or buy all your clothes at a thrift store ❤

Stephanie Baird says:

Omg your face when you tried the burger 😂😂😂 this made me want to try vegan foods!! ❤❤❤

Cinnamon._.tea_ says:

I think this might help hearing through your phone:https://youtu.be/OrmbWJD9PJw sorry if it didnt work

Rosie Cooper says:

Curly fries are sooooo much better than chips! Glad to see someone else feel the same way

Ice Cold says:

She has difficulties with English because BSL is her mother language, I think she just mixed vegan with vegetarian 🙂

i have a diff account now, says:

Wow everyone is complaining about some things not being vegan food just enjoy the video, she fixed the mistake so no need to keep on telling her. :3

sun79bear says:

Suggest to use maple syrup on pancake

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