Vegan Trader Joe’s Haul

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Mini Vegan Trader Joe’s Haul💚✨

Organic Almond milk🥛

Coconut water 🥥💦
(with aloe very very good for digestive system, electrolytes, & hydration)

Organic Green juice 🌱🥒

Organic Tangerine juice 🍊

Organic Red juice 🥤

Organic Bananas 🍌

Organic Bell peppers 🫑 🌶

(best creamiest hummus ever)

Kale cashew basil pesto💚

Vegan Mac🧀
(mix with pesto for best Mac EVER sounds weird but trust me…)

Dark chocolate sunflower seed butter cups 🌻(vegan and amazing alternative for reeses)

Enjoy life protein bites & Choc hazelnut frooze balls 🍫

Organic no salt cream PB 🥜
(Creamiest, healthies, most budget friendly peanut butter out there! Perfect on top of smoothie bowls)

Gluten free bagels 🥯
(So good realized that they have egg in them after purchase)

Veggie and Flaxseed corn tortilla chips🌈
(These chips are so healthy and delicious great alternative for juanitas)

Mozzarella shreds 🤍

So many more items I love at this place just a mini haul of my groceries 🛍


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Love, light and happiness,
Nadia 🤍


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