I Made 10 Vegan Dinners For Two People On A $25 Budget (In NYC!)

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Senior food producer, June, is challenged with making as many vegan and gluten-free dinners as she can for two people with a $25 budget.

RECIPES: https://www.delish.com/cooking/recipe-ideas/a34519995/cheap-vegan-meals/


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Delish says:

You asked, June delivered!!

barbara Baptiste says:

Put the onions too soakers on water thencut them.

Shea says:

Look = I want // rent to trust

Simone, says:

i have 10 euros per week..to eat from..

Kim Pham says:

Why would anyone complain about June ???!!!

Suzanne Manley says:

I would love to shop where you get those deals.
Not here! Jeslous

smol peaches says:

Y’all are so cute!!!

Caitlin Zonni says:

I just discovered June last night and I’ve been binge watching her videos all day today. This one of my favourite video so far!

Michelle Colon says:

Ok, I just really need to know where does June shop for these cheap veggies in NYC?

Reebie Ashley says:

use walnuts to make ricotta much better product

Tracy RN_here says:

Please give June her own show in her apartment!!!!! She is amazing and her own apartment makes it so relatable…. 😘❤

Tess S says:

I have a serious question… and I would appreciate your response … since you are a vegetarian I was wondering what you would stock up on in a pantry situation in case we have an emergency food supply… I know that you could stock up on flour, spices, canned goods, beans, rice, pasta, protein shakes , etc….
What I am asking is what would you hoard for future since you're vegetarian..Or Do you see yourself going back to eating meat if in case you need to?

Kisha r says:

The white big soya is more sponge like and if you want more of a chewy like meat texture you buy the dark medium size ones. And the smaller ones are more soft and easy to eat. When recook it after you season and you cook it until it doesn’t have much liquid it taste better.

Leda Fedor says:

yes it is beautiful

Leda Fedor says:

Aaron you are a delight now!!! Yayyyy!!

Maria Solano says:

Incredible foods!

Maria Solano says:

Great ideas!

Tara this Channel says:

Omg I love you. New sub. It's like you cook for the soul 😇💕

Allison Parrill says:

Moreeee budget eats!!! love love love!

Michelle Love says:

She could have easily made the tortilla a tostada instead

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