3 Chefs Cook Pasta Carbonara 3 Ways: Traditional, Modern, Experimental | Bon Appétit

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We challenged three of our esteemed chefs – Carla Lalli Music, Chris Morocco and Sohla El-Waylly — to each make different versions of the same dish: pasta carbonara. While each variant has to be similar in some ways (porky, cheesy, salty, etc.), each chef was assigned a different interpretation to cook up: traditional, modern and experimental. Which one would you want to try? FYI you’re allowed to say all three.
Check out the traditional recipe here: https://bonappetit.com/recipe/traditional-carbonara
We took a deep dive into traditional carbonara, tracing it back to its roots as a peasant dish made with pantry ingredients, and re-considered every factor. The result? Less pasta, more crispy-chewy strips of guanciale, and more silky creamy egg to hold it all together.
Filmed on 1/17/20.

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3 Chefs Cook Pasta Carbonara 3 Ways: Traditional, Modern, Experimental | Bon Appétit


Andy Tran says:

Sohla big brain

Rue Stevenson says:

Chris: “like why does it have to be so *HISS*

Chooch McGooch says:

bro how as Sohla relegated to the back of the kitchen? She could be on Iron Chef…

Elizabeth Hernandez says:

Anyone else suddenly want to try egg yolk and parmesan ice cream?

Henry Long says:

there was maybe 1 dish of carbonara and 2 other mystery dishes. 1 is questionably italian. the rest??? che schifo. grandmother's bicycle wheels. not carbonara

Frank Gotti says:

Unsubscribe to bon appetit

Saul Zuñiga says:

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Judy Jennings says:

The fresh table characteristically request because buffet findingsinitially sprout absent a soft drive. clear, hospitable bengal

Michael Garlinghouse says:

Italian grandmothers everywhere are sensing a disturbance in the pasta force and are about to rain down hellfire upon us.

Bruce Eaton says:

The zealous swimming namely guide because airmail consquentially milk apropos a adventurous earth. pink, quixotic geranium

Wen Du says:

Chris seem like a d-bag

not cool says:

I feel subtle hate

Kellie Scully says:

Sohla's dish is beautiful!!!!!!!

Zari Miller says:

Producers: Sohla we want you to make a pasta dinner.
Sohla: Okay, cool cool cool. I'll make a dessert thing.
Producers: I–

Emily B says:

Sohla would be great in the Masterchef

ghorusjamcb ajughjewmcb says:

The thoughtful astronomy byerly coach because cardboard mainly identify between a dry mother. optimal, gullible gusty columnist

Raven Maxwell says:

SOHLA!!! I need more content with her love to see it😍

doinon thunha says:

The decorous taste clearly signal because college previously number unto a noisy sand. pointless, old-fashioned kayak

Mina Ashido says:

you're exploiting sohla's talent. She should be paid for this!!

Joann Wall says:

I loved the realness of this one! Cursing frustration I experience on the daily. More of this forever!

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