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This week’s vegan news: Steve Irwin’s family rescues thousands of animals from the Australian bushfires. Patient number 90,000, Ollie the platypus, was rescued from the fires and is currently in their care. Colgate launches two certified-vegan and cruelty-free toothpastes. After the successful launch of the vegan steak bake and the vegan sausage roll, Greggs is now looking to launch vegan chicken.

Fresh off his Golden Globe win, Joaquin Phoenix was arrested at Jane Fonda’s “Fire Drill Friday” climate protest on Capitol hill. Phoenix called attention to meat and dairy as some of the leading causes of climate change. Domino’s pizza is trialling vegan beef sausage and crumbles in the US. Aldi launches its own-brand version of vegan Magnum ice cream bars.

L.A. may soon implement laws that will require new Uber and Lyft drivers to operate electric vehicles. Hooters introduces meatless wings at all 318 US locations.

Irwin Family Australia Animal Rescue –
Colgate Vegan Toothpaste –
Greggs Vegan Chicken –
Greggs £7M to Employees –
Joaquin Phoenix Arrest –
Domino’s Pizza –
Aldi Vegan ‘Magnum’ Ice Cream Bars –
Uber & Lyft Electric –
Hooters Meatless Wings –

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What do you think about Joaquin Phoenix getting arrested?

Vegan Vocalist says:

Lol why did they arrest Phoenix ? He is so hard core RESPECT ✊

Vegan Vocalist says:

Looking forward to seeing Dominos close for good because they are one of the biggest corporations involved in animal abuse . Because they are not smart enough to be forward thinking they will close down as Plant based now becomes the main driving force in the take away food market lol YES !

Woxineau Crows says:

Are they Vegan? Did Australia find the crazies who started the fires?

Wayne Gourdine says:

Why was he And Charlie arrested? Was it because they revealed what actually goes on Animal Slaughter Houses that the public who have the Right to know where their food is coming from and processed! So they broke the "you CAN'T TELL THE TRUTH LAW"🤔🤨 say hello to the longest finger on my hand 🤨

E S says:

That's amazing to hear about the Irwins rescuing animals from the Australian bushfires. God bless them!

TwennyGee says:

When I was just a kid. Steve Irwin was my biggest hero.
I’m so happy for his legacy that his family is and was amazing!
You folks are modern day heros. Sometimes hero’s wear Capes. Others wear khaki. 🙂

Berni V says:

Joaquin Phoenix and Jane Fonda are two very compassionate individuals. Steve Irwin rest in Peace.

Marty Richard says:

I think Joaquin Phoenix is a model for America and beyond. Not only a great actor and personality, but a champion for animal rights, as you mention here. He has been the narrator of Earthlings and Dominion, the 2 most important docs of this century. He enters my own personal Hall of Fame/Heroes of my Lifetime, along with Bill Gates, MLK and Obama.

Rhaina Inge says:

I have been waiting for this for so long! I cannot believe it is actually happening! I would get arrested for something I felt was so wrong! I admire these activists who stand up for Animals and our Planet. I am one of them. We are Changing our diet towards Vegan. We love and respect Animals and Nature. This Change towards Compassion and Empathy makes my heart sing!!! All the Power to Activists💓💓💓💓💓

Daryl Elliott says:

Are you a vegetarian group or a vegan group? Why do you so often promote vegetarian products? Please consider publishing the email/phone of Hooters so viewers can call them to ask for vegan wings, and for them to stop commodifying women; that would have been legit coverage of that story.

Animals Are Our Angels says:

Greg’s is you are reading this, please come to Canada 🇨🇦. Thank you so much!!


go vegan fonda and irwans family!!!!!!!!

Jason Luhning says:

Love how all the vegans here that hate zoos, and would have trashed Irwin zoo, suddenly thinks they and their zoo are amazing for what they are doing.
This wasn't a hate comment , I wanted to point out how good zoos like theirs are a benefit to nature and animals. If we all stop hateing zoos and aquariums and work with them to become something more like the Irwin zoo is right now more good can be done to help the animals of the world.

Jared Niven says:

I have a restaurant concept called "Balls" it's a sports themed restaurant targeting mostly female clients. All the servers are men. They wear skimpy clothing and wear satin testicle bras that accentuate their shaved testicles. Balls also has vegan wings.

vegan says:

I think these disasters are funded by private companies to generate revenue through advertisements on videos..

Pablo De Vincenzo says:

Hello family of Livekindly. How can I get in contact with you? Do you have a phone number to call you? Thank you!

Nat Nit says:

Colgate:( may be vegan but still contains fluoride 🤢 such green washing

Iron Vegan says:

I always learn a lot from watching your news updates! Thanks for sharing once again.

G. Dave3 says:

Quorn is technically a Fungi but is actually a ‘Soil Mold’ used in the process of making the product, but Quorn was originally made by a big Chemical company and is part owned by ICI. It’s name translated into Latin is ‘Venom’. It is a dangerous product with associated digestive issues, which could be blamed on the Vegan diet. PLEASE Boycott Quorn!.

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