3 INGREDIENT VEGAN MEALS UNDER £1.50 ($2) | 5 Cheap & Easy Student Recipes

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3 ingredient meals under £1.50 ($2) // https://bit.ly/2k6HQgo

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hummus pasta // https://bit.ly/2rVbvwA
roasted butternut squash soup // https://bit.ly/2IRJyQJ
cheat’s chilli // https://bit.ly/2IxrrMA
chips + guac // https://bit.ly/2ISPklc
vegan pizza // https://bit.ly/2rVDMTN

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Madeleine Olivia says:

As always, all the recipes are linked in the description! What's your favourite super cheap and easy meal?

Palma Orellana says:

Hey, where is that pizza base from??

Clau Padilla says:

That hummus pasta looks glorious 🤤

Jen Whyte says:

I'm not vegan but this makes me want to eat more veggies.

Peter Parker says:

I can't even find cherry tomatoes under $2. Let alone hummus and pasta. I don't know where you shop for this crap but it's not that cheap in the US.

Pia Justynn says:

Im wayy too hungry to be seeing this now 😍😂🤤

That Vegan Muslim says:

Would love more recipes like these

Anuška D. Nemanič says:

I don't get how pretty much all of the ingredients are more expensive here (our living stnadard is lower) just seems ridiculous.

The Unrefined Vegan says:

It goes to show you don't need to spend loads

Sabrina says:

Hummus pasta, brilliant! 🤯

Sarah Derksen says:

20p for half an avocado is a bit too optimistic where I come from

shreya says:

what knife do you use?

Cam Kilbane says:

Omg your ingredients are so cheap in the UK! GF bases and vegan cheese are so expensive here in Australia! I try get them on special and then freeze them.

LividLivie says:

this video helped me rediscover my love for hummus-covered pasta. It's such a wonderful mouth feel

Diana says:

In Romania we have vegan frozen pizza at Lidl and it's awesome!! Even my non vegan friends love it.

Amox says:

As a very lazy student: You don't have to flip your potatoes. It's probably fine, also cut them finer, it's faster.

H M says:

This was the first vegan recipe video I ever saw, and one of the first videos I ever saw on your account. I owe my veganism of nearly two years so far to this video and your account, at least in part. Thank you so much for everything you do and promoting veganism and eco conscious living in an inspiring yes accessible and approachable way.

Relaxing Gaming says:

That amount of hummus here is 3$ 😂😭

just your local lesbain says:

Vegen i sorry…..but SOME noodles have eggs….

But im vegatairen so im good

Love your channle 🍅 🌱🌱

just your local lesbain says:

YUM!😋 Hummus pasta best thingni had in years 😋😋

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