Extreme Poke Bowl Challenge w/ Sushi Burritos and Dole Whip Float!!

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A&Z #924 – Randy Santel “Atlas” vs Pacific Counter’s “Big Wave” Extreme Poke Bowl Challenge w/ Sushi Burritos and Dole Whip Float at Pacific Counter in Lakewood Ranch, Florida!! Katina and I decided to kick off our 2021 food challenge touring in Florida, and our February Florida Tour turned into a February & March Florida Tour!! I attempted lots of food challenges all over the state of Florida. For challenge #4, we went to Pacific Counter in Lakewood Ranch, Florida which is near the Bradenton, FL area. There is another location in St Petersburg, FL. I was the first person to challenge and help kick off their new “Big Wave” Extreme Poke Bowl Challenge w/ sushi burritos and a Dole Whip Float. I had 1 hour to finish 2 of their poke bowls, 2 sushi burritos, 2 Spam musubi, some wonton nachos, Korean kimchi, wakame seaweed salad, 4 different specialty hot dogs, 2 bubble tea drinks, and a pineapple Dole Whip Float for dessert. I was trying to win my $100 Pacific Island themed meal free, a sweet t-shirt & hat, and the 1st spot on their Lakewood Ranch, FL location’s Wall of Fame. BIG thanks to everyone with Pacific Counter for the delicious food, drinks, and hospitality!! Thanks also to everyone who came up to watch and meet us that Friday evening!! We appreciate everyone in Lakewood Ranch and around Florida who watches and supports our efforts!!

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Pacific Counter’s “Big Wave” Poke Bowl Challenge w/ Sushi Burritos and Dole Whip Float ($100):

– Pacific Counter is a ridiculously fresh fusion of chef-inspired cuisines & cultures, serving up a mainland mix of coastal classics in the form of Sushi Bowls & Burritos.
– A passion project of three long time friends, Pacific Counter was created to bridge the gap between healthy & tasty, traditional & new, and quick service & good service. They’ve made it their mission to not only serve good food, but also serve good vibes, becoming a true happy place for their guests.
– There is a location in St Petersburg, FL and a newer location south in Lakewood Ranch, Florida.
– This “Big Wave” Challenge was designed to be HUGE and really show off their delicious menu.
– There are 4 different beef hot dogs – Hawaiian Dog, Kimchi Dog, Bahn Mi Dog, and Cali Dog.
– There are 2 poke sushi bowls – Golden Hour Bowl and Island BBQ Bowl w/ barbecue chicken.
– There are 2 sushi burritos – The O. G. Tuna Sushi Burrito and the Over The Rainbow Burrito.
– Includes 2 of their spam musubi plus 2 sides – Korean kimchi and wakame seaweed salad.
– There is an order of wonton nachos & 2 bubble tea drinks – Mango Boba and Taro Milk Tea.
– Finally for dessert, challengers must also finish a giant pineapple flavored Dole Whip Float.
– There is a 1 hour time time limit to finish. Winners get $100 meal free and on Wall of Fame.
– Champions also win a sweet t-shirt and hat. Contact the location nearest you for details.

This video was filmed on Friday, February 5, 2021 (2/5/2021)

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Randy Santel says:

Hey everyone thanks for watching this unique food challenge I got to attempt during our Florida Tour!! The poke bowls and sushi burritos were delicious, along with the Dole Whip Float!! If you haven't watched our previous video yet, featuring the 32" Team Pizza Challenge at Madison Avenue Pizza in Dunedin, Florida, be sure to check it out via this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RSDlKMhX4wI

nunya says:

Rice, when you want to eat 2000 of something. Another great Win Randy !


Randy will do anything to get the win, including balls. Got Katinas blessing, awesome. Looks like they added a little extra. Great win and video

Philip says:

Poke is dangerous. So many people I know got food poisoning because it's not cooked.

Ty McFarland says:

You’re like the Portnoy of non pizza.

Breeze H says:

That certainly seemed like an impossible amount of food! But really really delicious looking food💗

Tom Reeves says:

Disgusting food. absolute FAIL food combinations. Hot dog with carrots and cucumber?? JUST NO

Lucinda Bustillos says:

Okole Malama- bottoms up. Oh- koh- lay Mah-lu-nah

Keith Mallory says:

Ah heck, you're great.

Keith Mallory says:

Your position I mean.

Keith Mallory says:

Then someone laughed when entering comment; Your end in time and space.

Keith Mallory says:

Is there a chef status of eating? Chef Randy I say.

songoten7600I says:

We need one of these in Texas😊🍣🍙❤️

Layah and luna says:

We met you !! 😁

SarahK says:

Something tells me that dessert wasn't even apart of the challenge. They just threw it in because they didn't expect you to finish as quick as you did.

Duff Baker says:

I knew he'd kill this one.

callmes8n says:

wow this place looks amazing I wish there was one in Oregon somewhere!

Aracoixo says:

So he got paid $100/hr. That's good.

kriptic22 says:

I'll be honest, at first glance I was like that doesn't look like alot. Then I was like damn I was wrong.

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