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Steve Lee says:


Venz between the lines says:

So gorgeous collection! I love Oxford World's Classics Edition <3

Tejasdeep Singh says:

Any idea about War And Peace Oxford World Classics

Greyhunterify says:

Does the spine crease easily on these oxford classics?

Book Hunterrr says:

A lovely collection! I've been meaning to start my own collection of the Penguin Classics, Oxford World's Classics, Vintage Classics, and Alma Classics.

Dinoo says:

No Illiad or Odyssey?

R Nanjappa says:

I too have many volumes from the Oxford World's Classics. They carry good introduction and notes. But they are glued the font size is small, the paper is not good. It is a strain to read them for long at a stretch. These volumes are not durable.
Their new Shakespeare volumes are a pleasant exception. They are printed on very good paper, made up of signatures and sewn. They carry fairly long introductions which focus on the theatre and many illustrations from the theatre. These are good value for money.
Usually I buy both Penguin and Oxford editions of some classics for their introductions and notes, but have better hardcover editions for regular reading. For instance, Everyman's Library editions are so pleasant to read.

Erika Johnson says:

Great video! Personally, I love Oxford World's Classics and think that they look amazing together on a bookshelf. If you're looking for a good addition, then possibly Mary Elizabeth Braddon's Lady Audley's Secret. I have the Oxford edition for it and it's great!

sageffect says:

PFFT I hate misplacing books, that's crazy. xD I feel like I should be the one getting recommendations, especially since I didn't even know Oxford had a Classics collection :") I'm excited to see what you add though!

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