How to Make Vegetarian Gravy (Without Stock or Drippings)

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How to Make Vegetarian Gravy (Without Stock or Drippings)


Kenneth Woolard says:

I need to make this! This is how a real cook makes gravy!!

Mahak Padda says:

thank u 🙂

John McRae says:

I'm going to try your recipe, thanks a million.

Nexhat Jashari says:

I'm vegetarian so thanks for that

truth betold says:

lmao. i like this guy. so much EMPHASIS 😀

Kermit says:

Don't forget to dump the veggies in the compost bin!

oldmansouthside says:

It's actually easier to make than typical gravy

D.J. Nassar says:

Chef Thank You For This !!! ,,, But,,, I don't know what you're thinking here… The Butter is Dairy,,, not on a vegetarians list … You should have used a Heart Healthy Fat in the form of a neutral tasting Organic "Coconut Oil" as a replacement and as the real deal … Peace and Good Will to Everyone …

Uncle Bernie says:

Thanks. Good recipie and good technique.

Rahul Yatham says:

I just made it, tried it, and didn't like it at all

SmilyLily1996 says:

I have lived "traditional" heavy before curing or meat from my diet, so I will very soon try this.
As a super simple, rather light and still delicious meal just boil some frozen peas in slightly salted water and add some butter after pouring of the water. Serve with either a simple polenta or mashed potatoes and a gravy 🙂
Love this recipe, I am eager to give it a go!

Thomas Drinkmoore says:

Now just exchange butter with some coconut milk and leave the vegetables in an you actually have a cruelty free, very satisfying meal!

Joys Paques says:

I just made the gravy and it taste wunderful. 

shrikechan nahcekirhs says:

Thank you. I'll try this using vegetable stock in place of water.

Lemony Snicket says:

It's too complicated for a kitchen destroyer like me

kundalini77 says:

Try.. what do you have to lose, an hour or so and a few dollars worth of ingredients

Dion Fitzgerald says:

now that looks tasty. ive just recently bevome a vegetarian so im looking for great ideas like these. thanks for posting

Michael Sangora says:

technically not a gravy because gravy is classified as a pan sauce and to be a gravy pan drippings are REQUIRED. it's more of a modified espagnole sauce except water is used instead of brown beef/veal stock. I feel like this sauce would be better with a brown vegetable stock made with roasted mirepoix and leeks as opposed to water, which serves no function in terms of adding flavor.

Anp says:

i love it when saveur features vegetarian recipes!

0XSmarty0X says:

i don't know if i should try this recipe or not… it looks kind of cheesy and unrealistic….:P

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