Kat's Kitchen: Potato & Leek Soup [VEGAN]

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♥ In today’s video, I try the first recipe from my new vegan cookbook! I got it for Christmas and it contains 1,700 different recipes hehe, so let me know if you want me to try more new things. Since I’m overall bad at cooking and very new to vegan ingredients, maybe it could be interesting.

Regarding my “vegan status”, I am not vegan or vegetarian and at the moment I don’t plan on completely switching to any kind of diet, but I definitely want to incorporate more vegetarian/vegan food in my life. For me, the main reason is the environment and I think it’s important that we all at least try to cut down and take this seriously or else there won’t be a planet left in a few generations. You can enjoy eating meat all you want but facts are facts and if everyone did just a tiny bit, it would make a difference. No one has to do it all.

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Olive oil
3 leeks
200 g potatoes (I used 500)
2 garlic cloves
400 g chickpeas
1 liter water
2 vegetable stock “cubes” (Swedish)

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♥ Where are you from? Sweden
♥ What camera do you use? Canon EOS M6 + Canon Legria Mini X
♥ What size are your ears/septum? 30mm ears and 3.2 mm septum
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Thank you for your amazing support!
Without you guys, this wouldn’t be as much fun for me.
Lots of hugs!
♥ Katrin


Wendy Rock says:

Looks wonderful, I might just make some tomorrow.

Tony Mvr says:

Hi, more recipes please :3

Zeest Saqib, Esq. says:

Looking forward to seeing more recipes from this book or different vegan recipes of your own creation!

The Vegan Community

Julia says:

Are you sure the recipe said chickpeas and not chickpeas water? The chickpeas water is called aquafaba and you can whisk it to be a fluffy thing that looks like eggs :

Maybe I'm wrong, but that would've made much more sense that putting the chickpeas in for a more creamy result hahahaha

Alice Girardello says:

How many portions is this recipe for?

Brittan Doverspike says:

I wonder if mashing the chickpeas would've helped..?

Isadora Vieira says:

I would love videos about more vegan recipes, especially crunchy things.

Mrs Weasley says:

Cashews Would make it super creamy

Tiffani says:

More VEGAN recipes!!! Yeaaahhh!!

Taja Sanders says:

More videos!!😊

luxconcept says:

You could use soy milk or blended cashews to make it more creamy.

Aino Salmi says:

hey, ofc more vegan or vegetarian cooking videos and new recipes! loving your vibe and the realness that you show to us ❤️

M_xl1s says:

looks nice but no seasoning??

Daniella ella says:

I really appreciate you're trying vegan recipes. Just have fun playing and creating with the ingredients 😊

Car Ge says:


गावाकडच्या Recipe says:

Very nice👌👌👌👌👌

bethvicxo says:


ysabel johnson says:

Yes yes you should do more cooking videos!

lou💘 says:

I made this recipe today! I also added some broccoli stem and nutmeg, it was delicious ♥️

Jamaicangurl81 says:

Put a wet paper towel (or small kitchen cloth) under your chopping board so it won't move around while you cut

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