The Best Ever Vegan Burger #VeganWeek

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Sankalp Gaikwad says:

What!? Vegans eat mushrooms??????

Girl Wonder66 says:

What kind of mushrooms?

Whitney Moser says:

i made it i is so damn good it is not meaty but its soooo goood yum

Pienie Wienie says:

Is there something you can use instead of wheat gluten? Because I can’t find it. 😁

Derek OKeeffe says:

I made these twice, As burgers and meatballs. Very very tasty!!

Chardonnay Sundae says:

These were great but walnuts gave it a tiny bit of a crunch. Awesome flavour. Will process walnuts longer.

Lioness of YAH says:

Veggie burgers be tasting better than meat-based burgers tho…..

IsKato says:

I just made it and it's super good!!

Moulee says:

Am crying.. I want to try that..

Avi Grose says:

Like if vegetarian/vegan

Faith Piper says:

Me coming to the comment section knowing full well there's gonna be people attacking vegans for being vegans: helo

Kusina ni Boyeng says:

I tried my own version of vegan burger as I’m curious how it would tast. I made a video.😅

Abhinav Kannaujia says:

Vegan Vegan Everywhere

kotd009 says:

i would like to try that burger!! and im a meat eater to!!

Timothy Paul says:

Add some methylcellulose as another binder to firm it up and give it some bite feel.

Amir Jacob says:

I'm looking for a vegan/vegetarian burger that tastes like meat.. what's the best recipe?!

Jaime Santiago says:

Leave the vegans alone and mind your own business!

MCJon C3R34L K1LL3R says:

Or just buy beyond burger. Tastes much better

Bren Murphy says:

Beautiful – thank you for this!

Yeetus deluts im a fetus says:

Even though I'm not vegan, y'all need to stfu and stop complaining about a VEGAN recipe

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