Indian Inspired Dishes With Gordon Ramsay

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Here are some wonderfully delicious recipes to follow inspired by Indian Cuisine.

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Gordon Ramsay’s Ultimate Fit Food/Healthy, Lean and Fit –

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Ashish says:

Sorry to say that you are not good at cooking Indian food

Margaret Joacquim 11 11 says:

Awesome will go great with Indian chutneys… i specially would make green chutney of my recipe… i m a great cook too.😊❤✌🕊God bless Ramsay Gordon 💐🙏 waiting to open kitchen of my own 😁👈

80sMeavyHetal says:

Total amount of oil for three pancakes: only 400ml

Perpetually annoyed says:

Its kind of a masala dosa but made with flour instead of rice

RGSTEA says:

I am pissed that Gordon is not calling what this is. Its Dosa not pancakes !!!!!

quratulaine Fatima taj says:

Title: "Indian"
Indians:the comment. Section is now our property 🇮🇳🇮🇳

Arjun Ingole says:

Arre Bhaiya Dosa banavat ho..🤣

Esha Singh says:

I am having deja vu .

colonal 1783 says:

So it's basically a masala dosa with Gordon twist

Aroo Boss says:

I am a great fan of yours.Great recipes by you.Love from India

Itachi says:

First dish is called masala dosa with raita

Geet Chheda says:

Isn’t it " ATTE KA CHILA" and not a dosa🧐

Jalaj Durve says:

Ughh isn't this just a modified version of masala dhosa??

Bishnu Maheshwari says:

yeah.. put egg in everything 🙄

Maya Kim says:

Good thing he added inspired, I would have gone Gordon on Gordon

A0097 says:

Indians be like it’s looking shit

Mansi patra says:

okay….this isnt half of what a dosa is supposed to be tho…but he did mention " inspired indian dish" so ig i m not supposed to be mad…but i am -_- , but atleast he can cook 🙂 better than half of the world.

iron squad says:

Gordon : "These delicious spicy pancakes"

Me : It's masala dosa

Kelly Heitmann says:

Put seeds in the oil only, eliminate dancing out of the pan!!! 👍

Priya Unni says:

I think he did the milk and eggs so he doesn't have to grind the batter normally we soak the rice and oorn dal then grind it's a more simple way 🙂

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