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We do a product review of the Field Roast Franks and some Daiya Wedges.

Field Roast

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ChaseliketheBank 420 says:

about to try the field roast frankfurters for my first time, wish me luck!

jackass123491 says:

Lol "Make sure you peel that off or you will die." For some reason that reminded me of the Coach Carr from the movie "Mean Girls." In the movie he also teaches health class and there's a scene where he tells the girls "If you have sex… you will get pregnant… and die. Just don't have sex."

paintur68 says:

Yay! I love Indy. 😀

muse3223 says:

I like the field roast Italian sausages.  I still have not worked up to trying Daiya cheese it freaks me out.

meepmeep32 says:

Loving it!!! Will have to try this I have been craving an egg muffin 🙂 the very ending out take was so funny!!

Zenith Greystone says:

I recently purchased some daiya wedges and after tasting it I hated the way it tasted. And I could not stand the texture of the cheese. I was just wondering what does the other wedges taste like and what does the shredded cheese taste like?

P.S. The wedges I was taking about where Jalapeno.

Winona Bos says:

I'm spreading the joy and Great news: I found vegan cheese from Germany sold in a vegan shop here in The Hague, tried it
and BOUM, it's quite nice. I am so being converted to eating vegan.

SaraaRocks says:


Winona Bos says:

Please Pretty please send some zombie free Daiya Cheese! (I'm lactose intolerant so even if I wouldn't mind eating cheese for ethic reasons I couldn't.) (Might mention that you would have to send it to Europe/Holland 😉

lomlloyl says:

Just went to their website and it says they are closing down 🙁 Anybody know where else in Canada you can get Daiya (online or in stores)?

OrgaOrgaOrga says:

Which hotdog buns are you using? I can't find any vegan bread products and I'm just outside of Atlanta.

ajndance says:

what's with the frumpy duct taping job above the stove??

Carlen Boersema says:

Yeah Daiya is based out of Vancouver so they were there first and will come east as the production increases. I tried the Havarti wedge at an event this past weekend but forgot to ask if they were in stores yet. I know they weren't as of a few weeks ago. I will have to keep an eye out. 🙂

Carlen Boersema says:

I freaking love Daiya products!!! I am patiently waiting for the wedges to be here in Toronto!

Candy Rodriguez says:

Just wanted to tell you thank you for all your helpful videos! Being a new vegan surrounded by family and friends that are NOT doesn't help with food ideas. It seems like I just have to cut everything out and eat vegetables which is fine but I can't do that for the rest of my life and I want to keep this lifestyle so THANK YOU SO MUCH for all the great ideas and food brands!!! 🙂 I truly appreciate it!

cvisions says:

i look forward to your videos! not sure why youtube is automatically making me unsubscribe to you 🙁

Eri KS says:

I wish we had daiya in England ):

tinjuko says:

Requesting your version of a vegan pepper steak video.

johnny vulpine says:

i love veggie franks. you should try grilling them (or using panini), making vegan chili and adding a bunch of daiya on top w/ ketchup, mustard and siracha. soooo good!

Raidergnr84 says:

I'm growing eggplants and snap peas, can you make a recipe with that please

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