I Ate Everything At Greggs

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We’ve been missing Greggs The Bakers. Their sausage rolls, bacon baps, and their golden chicken bakes. ✨

We’re throwing it back to a time where we tried everything on the menu. Yes, the whole menu.

This video was filmed before lockdown was initiated. No food was wasted during the production. We do hope you’re staying safe, and staying indoors. Please look after yourselves!

#StayHome Eat #WithMe

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Jex says:

Greggs cheese & onion 😋🤤

Alex Kesteris says:

I had no idea your a Gordie lad your accent is very not Gordie much respect

ᄍᄂᄋᄂ says:

The buzzfeed food ppl are lucky they get paid to eat food

Harry Perryman says:

BTW that vegan stake is a normal stake bake 😂😂😂

Donna Leadbetter says:

Tom: I don't like sausage rolls that much


amy kenny says:

i worked at greggs for almost 3 years and all this video has confirmed is that i shouldnt have left. my only personality trait

Sarah Jones says:

those toasties aren't even toasted, they're just like warm floppy bread

ETA: the ham and egg roll is my favorite from greggs

What r u looking at says:

Yum Yums are delicious no questions asked

James Pendleton says:

Who keeps coming back to this video when you know your going to Greggs to get excited

Royale Riley says:

Me as an Indian and British teenager

I rely on Maggi and Sausage rolls as a student with my money-

chiara lombardi says:

can I be the star of the video next time

Sam Newton says:

Can't remember the last time I ate a hot sausage roll had many Luke warm ones

Earl Squishy says:

Tom is a mood 👁👅👁

Jack Lavender says:

Steak bake and a yum yum and raspberry lemonade 🥇

Jack Lavender says:

Raspberry lemonade top tier

Tyra Joyce says:

I love chicken pie and by the way we have greegs in north london

自殺 Sorrow says:

Me everyday on my way into work.

Josh Robson says:

It sounds like he’s embarrassed to have a geordie accent.

Conor and liana fan xx Xxxx says:

Oohh – Tom 2020

Samantha Anderton says:

I miss Greg’s more than any food place from the UK now that I live in New Zealand 🇳🇿

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